Organizational Permaculture: An Idea Whose Time Has Come

Organizational permaculture is a concept whose time has come. The idea of doing  planned, predictable, scheduled, and altogether LARGE campaigns of culture change in organizations is not useful. It does not work. It is ineffective. It is misguided. This idea is analogous to clear-cutting a forest, bringing in bulldozers, moving colossal amounts of earth, and repurposing the land for a new and higher “best use”.


We know that does not actually work with people, at work, in organizations.

Can you see why?

We need a much better way.

The philosophy and design principles of permaculture offer an alternative. Permaculture offers a proven set of values, principles and practices for creating lasting culture change in living systems.

And what exactly is Permaculture?

Permaculture is an ecological design system for sustainability in all aspects of human endeavor. (source: PermaCulture Institute)

And what exactly is Organizational Permaculture?

Organizational permaculture is the application of permaculture principles to the observation, analysis, design, development, testing, implementation, integration, and maintenance of culture in all human social systems, including: teams, families, and organizations.


Please investigate and consider joining the Organizational Permaculture Facebook group. In this group on Facebook we are mixing people from the agricultural permaculture movement with folks from organizational development, agile coaching, culture hacking and others tribes who are interested in this concept.

Families, teams and organizations are living systems. Permaculture provides a set of principles that promote a rational, bottom-up, incremental and effective way to encourage authentic and lasting cultural change … in human systems.



Organizational Permaculture Overview

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Organizational Permaculture Hacks: Tools and Techniques

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