October 22, 2008 Meeting: Ray Scott on Agile Adoption; The Experience Report.

Agile Adoption: The Experience Report. Presenter: Ray Scott, Director of QA and Agile practices, Litle & Co (www.litle.com)

Ray shares the joyous and painful trials, and tribulations, of spearheading Agile adoptions in larger and smaller corporations. His experience spans the past 36 months working within some of the most recognized corporations in the region.

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201 Jones Rd., Sixth Floor
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Meeting Agenda:

6:30 PM: PART01: Quick Intro to Agile and Scrum for those new to the process.

7:00 PM: PIZZA NETWORKING: Have some food. Bring business cards.

7:20 PM: MAIN PRESENTATION: Ray Scot (Director of QA and Agile Practices, Litle & Co) on Agile Adoptions


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PRESENTER: Ray Scott, Director of QA and Agile Practices, Litle & Co


Currently leading the Agile and QA efforts at Litle & Co, Ray has 20 years of IT experience development and QA with about 3 years of experience in leading Agile adoption at large companies.

At Litle & Co, Ray works towards the integrity of ongoing Agile development and test processes. At his previous position at Fidelity, Ray spent 2 years developing and implementing Agile adoption strategies at Fidelity for Scrum, XP, Crystal and FDD (feature driven development).

He subsequently led the training program for Agile practices. He later led a high profile, customer-facing Agile project at Fidelity in Boston.

Ray’s current firm is experiencing hyper-growth, which is often a direct consequence of effective Agile practice. Litle & Co was presented the coveted 2006 Inc. 500 highest 3-year growth award for a private Financial company with growth of 5,629.1 percent.

(reference: Inc Magazine article on Litle & Co hyper-growth.)

Attend this session to learn how to make Agile adoptions work, and gain valuable insight from Ray’s deep experience in driving successful Agile adoptions and practices.

Presentation Outline

The Challenges of Agile adoption: big and small companies
· How to identify impediments to product delivery
· How to measure and manage progress in adoption.
· Staying Effective: Keep your friends’ close and your Enemies closer!
· In Deep: Fixing QA vs. fixing Development
· What worked, what didn’t? Best practices in Agile adoption and execution.

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