We coach enterprise-level teamwork. Across the entire organization.

If you want to create a genuine and lasting digital transformation of your enterprise, we are here to help you. We have the goods. If you are a leader struggling to help your enterprise become more adaptive, we are here to help you improve the results you are getting.

We provide world-class consulting services in software Agility, and Business Agility, to client organizations all over the world. Some of our more notable consulting clients include INTUIT, Capital One and Adobe.

But that is NOT why you want to hire us to help you.

You want to hire us because we about your success in making the leap.

We want the transformation. We want your success.




We are different from almost every other “Agile Enablement firm” you may come in contact with.

We’re outspoken and candid with clients.

We know that self-management is what actually scales, not your framework. Frameworks are great, but people power the practices, not the other way around.

When we work with your executive team, we explain the realities candidly, and then tailor a flexible and customizable template for moving forward: for engaging all of your people, across the enterprise.

Across the world.




Throughout the world, the “Agile transformation business” is a massive failure for client organizations. Only about one in eight or nine attempts at “Agile transformation” is actually successful.

Most so-called “Agile enablement firms” are actually staffing organizations. Success for them is about money. They maximize revenues with “big bang transformation programs” that are about pushing practices on the enterprise without making any distinction between willing and unwilling people.

It’s as if the willingness of the people does not matter at all !

The willingness of your people matters. A lot. The unwilling people can and will literally block or prevent the intended change from happening. If you do not address the issue of the unwilling people, you are simply wasting your money. They will stop you, unless you let them go. If you fire the unwilling people, you introduce fear, and fear will also kill your transformation program.

The question then, is what do you actually do in the face of these realities?

One of the biggest problems facing enterprises today is the problem of employee retention. When change is introduced, some employees are going to exit the company. But if the best of our people vacate, we lose twice. We lose once when then quit, and then we lose again when they go to work for one of our competitors.

Successful organizations prevent the best employees from quitting, because these are the very people we need to be successful.




We are innovators and pioneers in the domain area of Agile transformation. Our primary innovation is OpenSpace Agility or “OSA.” This method gets far more employee engagement, and far better results, at a far lower cost than what so-called “Agile Enablement Firms” are currently offering you.

OSA is transforming how Agile is implemented worldwide. We are the originators of this method, a method that is getting results worldwide, results  that are twice as good at half the cost when compared to what other so-called “Agile Enablement firms” are offering.





OpenSpace Agility (OSA) is a repeatable technique for getting a rapid and lasting Agile adoption. It works with what you are currently doing, and can be added at any time.

For executive leaders, OSA is a template that operationalizes the core values of Lean, namely: respect for people, and continuous improvement.

For executives who are truly committed to these values, OSA represents a simple, effective and very efficient way forward.

With OpenSpace Agility, you can expect:

  • A dramatic reduction in the coaching & training costs of implementing your Agile program
  • A genuine, rapid and lasting Agile transformation
  • A dramatic increase in employee engagement scores
  • A dramatic increase in stakeholder satisfaction and potentially, genuine stakeholder delight
  • Predictable, reliable, repeatable, EVIDENCE-BASED improvement in overall results


Here are two brief testimonial videos on our approach.

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Here are some sample testimonials about how the OSA approach actually look, feels and works. These testimonials are from real people in real organizations where the OSA approach created very high levels of engagement, and much-improved numbers in everything the organization was measuring.

Executive Team Member: Testimonial Video

The first video is an executive- the Chief Legal Counsel to one of the largest software firms in the world. She explains her experience with the OSA approach:

In this interview a member of a 7-person executive leadership team describes how this team experimented with Agile practices beyond software as a result of using the OpenSpace Agility template for change.

The leader explains the dynamics of: invitation, experimentation, agile beyond software, and more.

Here is the link for sending this video by email to decision-makers:

About 15 minutes. Enjoy. NOTE: if you do not initially hear the audio, look to ‘unmute’ the audio via the controls at the bottom of the video.

User Experience (UX) Professional : Video Testimonial

The second is from a User Experience (UX) designer who was initially a very vocal resister of change. He explains his experience with the OSA approach, He explains his transformation from a total resister of  change, to a total supporter of change.

In this short interview, professional UX designer Micah Zimring candidly discusses his experience of the OpenSpace Agility process, including his initial skepticism going in. (Note: When you hear the the word ‘churn’ used in this interview, it means ‘lack of decision-making’ or ‘indecision’.).

About 12 minutes. NOTE: if you do not hear the audio, look to ‘unmute’ the audio via the controls at the bottom of the video.


  • Going from being very resistant to Agile, to becoming a huge supporter and internal, in-house champion
  • How OpenSpace Agility engages everyone, including UX professionals
  • Advice for people considering OpenSpace Agility

Here is the link for sending this video by email to decision-makers:



We have the goods. We have absolutely great testimonials from sponsoring C-level executives in organizations throughout the world. To request these endorsements, simply send us an email.

We do not transform your organization. YOU do. We help. We offer you a dynamic and flexible template for change, with the supporting training, advice and guidance you need at the beginning.

We have the goods.

If you are looking for a fresh approach and much better results than you are getting now, we welcome your call.