Give Thanks For Scrum !! The FIFTH annual on Tuesday, 11/26/2013

GIVE THANKS FOR SCRUM tickets are now available, and are SUPER CHEAP compared to just about any Agile ticket you can buy in Boston! Prices ranged from $49 to $109.  As of 11/3/2013, the last 20 seats available are $109.

Soon, the event will be SOLD OUT. Time to scoop your ticket!

You know GIVE THANKS FOR SCRUM. The Boston event: Jeff. Ken. Scrum. Live music. Games. Socializing. Book signings. Food!



See the Map here

This event is a BOSTON TRADITION.

Only 155 total seats are available, get them HERE:

Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 3.25.18 PM

Jeff and Ken, 1st annual GIVE THANKS FOR SCRUM, 2009. That’s Jeff trying to pass a tough Scrum question to Ken there.

It promises to be a great event. Here’s some pictures from prior years:

At GIVE THANKS FOR SCRUM, we do A LOT of socializing!


Boston has a big story to tell and GIVE THANKS FOR SCRUM is big part that story.

Each year at GIVE THANKS FOR SCRUM, the questions from the Participants are extremely interesting.

Jeff Sutherland answers your hardest questions at this event.

Sometimes it gets very quiet, after Jeff tells it like it is….

The GIVE THANKS FOR SCRUM event is THE place for meeting people in the Boston lean/agile/Scrum community…


JG w Guit at Harringtons













….this year, we have music from Jamie Gaull at lunchtime!


One big reason to attend: There is only ONE Ken Schwaber, and we got him !

Bring your hardest Scrum questions, Ken will answer them for you.

Right from the horses mouth!

Have you noticed? Scrum is not exactly simple. At this event you connect with others….and discuss you solutions. This is THE event for connecting with others in the lean/agile/Scrum community in Boston


That’s Daniel Mezick in the middle there. It’s safe to say you already know the other two gentlemen in black.

The event has some activities this year…this is a picture of some folks doing an exercise, from the 2011 event

GIVE THANKS FOR SCRUM always has a session by Ken, and a session by Jeff.

It also has a moderated panel at the end, when both of them take your hardest questions for a full hour. Anything can and does happen during this part of the event.

Bring your absolutely HARDEST questions.

Scrum was BORN IN BOSTON and there is no other place on the planet you can get Jeff Sutherland and Ken Schwaber in the same room for a whole day.

This is it !!

Other cities cannot make this claim. Come and bring your most difficult Scrum questions.

This year we have some surprises for you– and some live music!!


TICKETS RANGE FROM $49 to $109!! The tickets at $49, $59, and $69 are ALREADY GONE, so act fast to get in cheap:

There are only 120 seats. Once these tickets are gone, there’s NO MORE.

You can REGISTER here and get in for $69 if you act FAST

Bring your hardest Scrum questions, Ken will answer them for you.

Right from the horses mouth!





JG Small at HarringtonsAgile Boston is pleased to announce that Jamie Gaull of LeapFrog Systems will perform acoustic classic rock tunes during lunch. He’s an Agile guy by day that plays in bars and clubs by night with his band “Plan B”. Visit the Plan B web site and check out some sample tunes .

Welcome back Jamie!



But Wait: There’s more: Even MORE Cool Stuff Happening at Lunch

At lunchHeang Ly on Beyond Icebreakers, we have some LIVE MUSIC from local Jamie Gaull, and we also have some structured group games and interactives that focus on gaining deeper insight and mastery of self-organizing team concepts, team dynamics, social complexity science and more. We have structured interactions expert Heang Ly of TeenEmpowerment of Boston as our Facilitator. Heang will open and hold space for these activities and interactives during some of the 90 minutes we have set aside for the lunch break. We’ll be using experience designs from the MOVING BEYOND ICEBREAKERS book to cook up some group fun via group play. No worries: All lunchtime group activities are optional and opt-in!! Learn more about MOVING BEYOND ICEBREAKERS here.





Ken Schwaber’s 2013 Keynote: JOYOUS VALUE

Scrum has restored the passion and joy of software development for many, while providing our customers with the software they need when they need it. For some, however, this link between our joy and their needs has remained elusive. The first step in restoration is the redefinition of project success. We are going to throw out the outmoded measures of scope, date and cost fulfillment. We are going to replace them with value. Let’s look at how to do so.



Scrum has been around for almost two decades, and has evolved, changed, and grown in those years, but its core insights and ideas have remained the same. We will take a look back at the origins of Scrum, explore how those early ideas continue to drive Scrum, expand on the current game changing moment, and look at future promise

  • Scrum jobs have increased in the U.S. by 3000% in the last year. What is driving this increase?
  • Over half of agile teams cannot deliver a successful project. What should we do about this?
  • What are proven practices that differentiate successful agile teams from those that cannot deliver?
  • How are large organizations transforming their structure to become Agile?



GIVE THANKS FOR SCRUM: 9:30AM to 5:00PM on Tuesday, 11/26/2013 in Woburn, MA



09:30 Arrive, relax. Get some coffee. Announcements.

10:00 Opening Remarks

10:30 Jeff Sutherland’s keynote session; THE FUTURE OF SCRUM

11:30 BREAK

11:45 10-minute experience reports and testimonials from THREE Boston Scrum community members

12:15 LUNCH. Live music from Jamie Gaull. Socializing. Some structured fun and games facilitated by Heang Ly. Opt-in participation…socialize, cheer Jamie’s guitar tunes, get some food…play some games…have some fun!

01:45 10-minute experience reports and testimonials from THREE Boston Scrum community members

02:15 Ken Schwaber’s keynote session: JOYOUS VALUE

03:15 BREAK

03:30 Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland Authority Panel: Anything-goes Q&A on your hardest Scrum questions


04:45 AFTER-EVENT social in the hotel restaurant & bar



There is only one event like it in the world. And it is in Boston.

Save The Date: TUESDAY November 26 2013

That’s the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.




In years past, attendance has ranged from 102 to 209 attending.


This is the event where you connect with your peers the Scrum community across all of New England. We get people from up to 1000 miles away attending this event!


Compare the GIVE THANKS TO SCRUM event to any other kind of Scrum event,

like a Scrum Gathering, or a CSM or CSPO class, or some other big Agile event.

Kind of hard to do, isn’t it? Here’s why:

0/ AUTHORITY IS IN THE ROOM. This event is the only place in the world where you can get the co-formulators of Scrum in ONE SPOT and PIN THEM DOWN and ask them any kind of hard question you want. With your friends.Across an entire day with food, live music and lots of socializing!

1/ GET YOUR HARD QUESTIONS ANSWERED. If you are practicing Scrum in any manner whatsoever, THIS is the spot to bring your most difficult questions. And your boss! There is nothing else like it.

2/ THE TICKET IS PRICED LOW, ON PURPOSE. Most events with notable authorities keynoting do charge QUITE a lot. Normally, you’d expect to pay up to $300 a day for an event like this, right? However, that is not the case here. Here you are getting the most authoritative voices in the entire world of Scrum, WITH LUNCH, for less than $110. Some quick people paid just $49 or $59 bucks !! Community is the name of the game with GIVE THANKS FOR SCRUM. We designed it so EVERYONE can afford a ticket to this event!!

3/ MAKE LOCAL CONNECTIONS. Come connect with your friends, and make lots of new ones in the Greater Boston Scrum Community.

The 5th ANNUAL GIVE THANKS FOR SCRUM EVENT is almost here! And planned for the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.

Jeff Sutherland. Ken Schwaber. The entire Scrum community of Boston. A good lunch. LIVE music!

There is only one event like it in the world. And it is in Boston.





It promises to be a great event. Here’s some pictures from prior years:

Jeff Sutherland answering questions during a break.

One of the coolest things about the event is the fact you can ask direct questions to the actual formulators of the Scrum framework.

Some of the questions are super-direct, and about hard Scrum problems. When these kinds of questions get asked, it gets real quiet.

Fortunately, Jeff Sutherland is also very direct. The answers are usually very detailed.

Independent thinkers often disagree. That might be what’s going on here.

There is only one Ken Schwaber, and he is from Lexington. We like that.

Not all the questions are big and heavy…there’s lots of funny question and answers too…

Some of the stuff that happens in Scrum you just can’t make up.














Innovation Games Course Coming to Waltham Jan 21 & 22

Certified Innovation Game® for Customer Understanding: 2-Day Course


When:   January 21 & 22, 2014 from 9 to 5PM

Where: Hilton Garden Inn, Waltham, MA. (Directions)


Join us on January 21 & 22 for our Innovation Games® Certification Course, “Innovation Games® for Customer Understanding,” in Waltham MA Completion of the course designates you as a Innovation Games Certified Collaboration Architect (CCA), Orange Belt Level.

AM coffee and your lunch is included.


Course Description

Long before gamificationgamestorming and serious games became the latest buzz words, Luke Hohmann and his team were using a variety of serious games, Innovation Games®, to help companies like SAP, Qualcomm, Cisco, Reed Elsevier and Yahoo! build breakthrough products & services. These games (originally outlined in Luke’s groundbreaking book, Innovation Games: Creating Breakthrough Products through Collaborative Play) enable you to work directly with your customers, eliciting unique insight into what they truly want from your product or service.


This two-day certification course will teach you how to use a variety of games with your customers to:

  • Uncover unspoken needs & breakthrough opportunities
  • Understand where your offerings fit into your customers’ operations
  • Clarify exactly how & when customers will use your product or service
  • Deliver the right new features & make better strategy decisions
  • Increase empathy for the customers’ experience within your organization
  • Improve the effectiveness of the sales & service organizations
  • Identify your most effective marketing messages and sellable features
  • Discover what customers don’t like about your offerings

The course covers both in-person and online games, including our online sales enablement game Knowsy, and includes sections on facilitation and presentation skills.


Content Outline

  • Discussion of Innovation Games® and market research
  • High-level planning, playing and post-processing of Innovation Games
  • Detailed planning, playing and post-processing the results of several case studies that enable participants to experience all phases of Innovation Games
  • Review and shared discussion; helping participants plan their adoption of these techniques
  • Facilitation and presentation skills


Who should attend?

  • Product Managers/Directors
  • Portfolio/Product Management Professionals
  • Marketing Professionals
  • Market Research Professionals
  • Software Engineers/Developers/Architects
  • Executive Management
  • Agile Coaches/Team Leads



Theory of Instruction

The course is guided by a “learning by doing” model of education:

  • What participants will know after taking the class.
  • What participants will do during the seminar to reinforce key concepts.
  • What participants will have after the seminar to promote further practice and study.
Course Benefits

Our unique “learn-by-doing” model of instruction, along withInnovation Games Qualified Instructors’ wealth of practical, hands-on experience across multiple industries and domains, ensures that you will be able to put what you learn to work as soon as you return to the office.

All of our courses offer these benefits:

  • Small class sizes = personalized attention
  • Qualified instructors who are industry-leading experts, with real-world experience
  • Hands-on, on-your-feet interactive learning
  • LOTS of stickers. (We mean it)
  • Open, active discussion and feedback to help spark your creative spirit
  • Networking lunches with tasty grub
  • Training credits to equivalent to Yellow or Orange Belt Certification 



Although not strictly required, it is helpful if participants read the book Innovation Games®: Creating Breakthrough Products Through Collaborative Play before the course.



  • Course Presentation
  • A variety of handouts used to stimulate thinking and apply the materials
  • Case studies

Innovation Games 002The results from the Prune the Product Tree exercise


Pricing & Payment

Course pricing for the two-day course is as follows:

$895 until January 3

$1195 after January 3



Cancellation Policy

For information on our cancellation policy please visit the registration link.


Instructor Bio


JasonTannerJason Tanner is the president of Enthiosys, an agile product management consulting firm, and an Innovation Games Qualified Instructor. He joined Enthiosys in 2008 and has 18+ years of professional experience with software companies, a telecommunications company and the Marine Corps. His expertise spans agile software product management, product marketing, business planning, partner management, project management and leadership. Jason is an active member of the Agile User Group in Research Triangle Park, the Triangle Product Management Association in Raleigh, NC, and the North Carolina Council for Entrepreneurial Development. He holds a BS degree in mechanical and aeronautical engineering from Cornell University and a MBA with a concentration in entrepreneurship from Duke University.



What:  2-day Innovation Games Course

When:   January 21 & 22, 2014 from 9 to 5PM

Where: Hilton Garden Inn, Waltham, MA. (Directions)