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“NewTech” is a business management consultancy keenly focused on Agile transformation and Business Agility.

NewTech is led by Daniel Mezick.

Unlike so many other “Agile enablement firms,” we actually deliver the goods.

Engaging with us means you that are going to learn how to get the genuine and lasting improvement you are seeking.


You want higher performance for your organization: you want it to thrive.

You want your employees and your customers to be better off– as a result of your organization’s mission and vision.

You want to disrupt the status-quo in your industry while outflanking the competition.

In short, you want genuine and lasting impact.


Business leaders today must deal with the overwhelming fact that everything in society and in business is changing faster and faster, every single day.

Coping with change is no longer a hobby or part-time job.

It’s a full-time job now. Opportunities have a shorter and shorter half-life.

And then they’re gone.

To be successful in this new age of digital transformation, your team must be smart, quick, decisive, and adaptive.


Addressing the very real pressure to become adaptive is where we come in.

We show you how, through  innovative consulting and training programs that are based on our books.

The Culture Game book, first published in 2012, was the first book on Business Agility published in the English language. It describes 16 patterns and practices that immediately improve the results by simply using 3 or 4 of these practices at the same time.

The OpenSpace Agility Handbook, published in 2015, introduced the concept of Invitation Based Change ™ to the Agile industry worldwide. OpenSpace Agility (OSA) explains how to improve results by bringing experimentation, inspection and adaptation to the enterprise level. This is achieved through the use of periodic whole-group meetings that build agreement, alignment and enterprise-wide shared understanding. OSA is about doing much more with much less.

Inviting Leadership: Invitation-Based Change™ in The New World of Work, published in 2018, explained the dynamics of invitation to a new generation of leaders, and described how to lead with invitation to improve the results of just about everything being measured.

We base all of our services on the concepts inside these detailed tutorials.

If you have experienced the mediocrity of what passes for “Agile transformation” today, and are done with that, and looking for the real thing, you’ve come to the right place.

We actually have the goods.



Answer: Yes. Most “Agile Enablement firms” are actually staffing organizations. Their goal is to maximize their revenues, by maximizing how many “agile coaches” are embedded in your organization.

Embedded, typically at very expensive bill rates, and typically until your budget runs out.

We take the opposite approach. Our goal is to maximize your results, by maximizing  your learning.

And minimizing any dependence on us, as soon as possible… or sooner.

Our aim is to at least quadruple (4X) your “results-to-expenditure ratio” when compared to what other providers are currently offering you.

It is through this focus on results that we have built our reputation for doing great, world-class work.

Great results! That is what we offer. And commit to.

Ask around.

Some of our more notable clients include:

We look forward to serving you. LET’S DO THIS.


















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