Why Good Agile Adoptions Go Bad

Why do good Agile adoptions go bad? The reason is very simple.

Someone or a group of people with enough authorization decide to create a genuine Agile adoption. And they do.

They create a “space” where it is safe to tell the truth, to say what you feel & think. Safe space.

The result is absolutely awesome Agile. Big “A” Agile. Loads of group learning is the result.

Shortly after that, great business results ensue.

This goes on for awhile.

Then, most of the people who created it, the highly authorized “champions”… the people with enough authorization to create this “space” and keep it “open” and “safe” ….they leave the company.

For any one of several reasons.

Then everything unravels.

What is the solution?

This is a riddle.

The answer to the riddle is found inside the book SPIRIT: Development and Transformation in Organizations. An amazing book. From an amazing author, Harrison Owen.

The book is a free gift; you can download it for FREE. Right now.

If you examine this book carefully, you can solve this Agile riddle…and many more.

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