The Zappos Interview

The Zappos Insights InterviewDuring my last visit to Zappos, Robert Richman (Culture Strategist, Zappos Insights) sat me down for a quick interview on my book THE CULTURE GAME, which went to production this week.

In the interview video available below we cover the basics of how to managers can quickly manifest culture change in their organization by using some of the tools and techniques described in the book.

Zappos is an amazing organization and Zappos Insights is the amazing arm of the company that provides a range of services to culture-curious individual and organizations. Visit ZapposInsights to gain access to tours, formal training, tours of Zappos ….and membership access to premium ZapposInsights content that is downloadable from the web site!

The Video

This video, captured at Zappos Insights in 2011,  is short- just 12 minutes long– and jammed with useful content.

Enjoy !

Video: The Culture Game book at ZappoInsights.

Contents: CULTURE GAME author Dan Mezick, with Rob Richman. We cover some simple techniques, derived from Agile, that convert meetings from soul-sucking death marches to fun, enjoyable and engaging social experiences.

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