The Culture Game: Applying Agile BEYOND Software

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Agility is the ability to rapidly identify– and respond to– change.

The Culture Game is the book for managers who are seeking more agility and much more engagement for their team, their department and the wider enterprise. The book is a road map for applying Agile BEYOND software. It that provides sixteen learning practices and a proven strategy for socializing them throughout your organization.

The Culture Game is your tutorial and reference guide for taking learning and productivity in your organization to the next level. Inside this book you will find all the tools you need to get results– applying Agile BEYOND software– right now.

This book teaches the game mechanics of org-level change and Agile BEYOND software. It teaches how you can start- RIGHT NOW- with your meeting and interactions, to begin immediately getting more of what you say you want. This is the book for team members, teams, managers and executives who want to dramatically improve organizational results- and CULTURE- by starting small and inviting EMERGENCE to take over.

 “It ain’t as easy as it looks….” – Ted Turner


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“…Let’s be clear on the benefits…your meetings will transform from slow marches in the snow without food or water into hyper-productive sessions in which — are you sitting down? — people love the process and can’t wait for the next session… the result: We got more done in two days than in two months. People who normally hate meetings (I’m raising my hand here) were almost speechless with how productive and fun they were.”

– Dave Logan, co-author of NewYorkTimes bestseller TRIBAL LEADERSHIP, from his article on


“This book is immediately useful – which is the highest praise I can think of for a business book. The tools that Dan outlines can be used in your next meeting. I have been particularly impressed with how the four requirements for happiness (a sense of control, progress, belonging and higher purpose) can be so clearly lived out through productive interactions at work – and dare I say it?? Lived out in your meetings. I have even begun using this strategy in my lectures. I give my students a chance to voluntarily participate in the lecture, we set a clear goal for the learning we hope to accomplish together, and then track it visually with tools such as creating a grid of key concepts. It is so much fun!

My suggestion is to buy this book – skip ahead to the tool that is most interesting to you – take notes, mark your favorite pages and then get started using the tools right away. I think you will be amazed at how much fun meetings and work can be and will go back to learn even more. Good luck!

Dr. Dehra Glueck, Professor, UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON at St. Louis Medical School  (see the full review right here on Amazon.)




Part One: Preliminaries

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Agile Origins

Chapter 3: Tribal Learning Overview

Chapter 4: Keep it Safe

Chapter 5: Game the Work

Part Two: Tribal Learning Practices

Chapter 6: Introducing the Practices

Chapter 7: Be Purposeful

Chapter 8: Facilitate Your Meetings

Chapter 9: Examine Your Norms

Chapter 10: Be Punctual

Chapter 11: Structure Your Interactions

Chapter 12: Announce Your Intent

Chapter 13: Game Your Meetings

Chapter 14: Conduct Frequent Experiments

Chapter 15: Manage Visually

Chapter 16: Inspect Frequently

Chapter 17: Get Coached

Chapter 18: Manage Your Boundaries

Chapter 19: Socialize Books

Chapter 20: Pay Explicit Attention

Chapter 21: Open The Space

Chapter 22: Be Playful

Part Three: Tribes and Triads

Chapter 23: Develop Your Triad

Chapter 24: Identify The Microstrategy & Execute

Chapter 25: Socialize the Work







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5 STARS, From reader Doug Kirkpatrick

5 STARS, From reader Kevin Best

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5 STARS, From reader Dehra Glueck

5 STARS, From reader Robert Richman

5 STARS, From reader Mark Isabella



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THE CULTURE GAME builds on the techniques described in TRIBAL LEADERSHIP, the New-York-Times bestseller from Dave Logan and co-authors. If TRIBAL LEADERSHIP is a kind of cultural operating system, THE CULTURE GAME is an application that runs on it. THE CULTURE game implements a micro-strategy using triads as described in this book.  Learn more.



Get on the list and STAY NOTIFIED by email about news & downloads for THE CULTURE GAME book. Those who sign up now get access to extra resources, and gain early insider-only access to the next volume, being written now. Working title: THE CULTURE GAME, Volume 2: Tools for Business Agility.



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THE CULTURE GAME book is NUMBER ONE in several important categories:



  • THE FIRST  book to build on the solid foundation of work in the book TRIBAL LEADERSHIP by Dave Logan and co-authors (see Part 3).
  • THE FIRST English-language book to define and describe the term ‘culture hacking (see the Introduction)
  • THE FIRST book to explain how culture is a game, membership on your team is a game, and all your meetings are in fact GAMES. (See Part1, “Game the Work” and also the chapter “Game Your Meetings”)
  • THE FIRST book to explain exactly how agile implements small ‘learning organizations’ as described by Senge, (see Part 1)
  • THE FIRST  book to explain that all classroom sessions are meetings, and therefore ALL CLASSES ARE GAMES (see Part1)
  • THE FIRST book to explain how “enterprise agile” is actually a very huge myth, and why. (See Part 1)


Every kind of leader in every organization can benefit from a careful examination of this book. By implementing the tools found here, you can literally set the stage for more creatively, more learning and a more fully developed capacity to respond quickly to changes in the markets you serve.

Who benefits the most from reading The Culture Game?

  • Managers in any department, in any organization
  • Executives and stakeholders who fund and sponsor product development
  • Agile and executive coaches who provide counsel & guidance to individuals, teams & entire organizations.


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From the back cover:

The overall pace of change, driven by technology, is literally changing the game of business. The “command-and-control” business culture is being replaced by Agile, self-organizing structures that create rapid learning across the enterprise. Organizations that do not adapt are being replaced by those that quickly respond to change. At the root of this Agile attitude is a culture of rapid organizational learning.

Managers who grasp this reality are the new leaders. In The Culture Game, executive coach and author Daniel Mezick offers you sixteen proven team-learning practices, and a proven strategy for socializing them based on the work of Dave Logan and the book Tribal Leadership.

Managers who convene meeting and hire people have the power to greatly influence culture in organizations. This book provides the tools to do exactly that. The Culture Game is the reference manual and toolbox for management “culture hackers”, those innovators and change-makers who are focused on creating a culture of learning inside their teams … and the wider organization.

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