How To Adjust to Working, ONLINE

Working, Managing, Teaching and LEADING…Online

Hi. I am Daniel Mezick and I have over 2500++ hours of direct experience teaching online. I also have over 1800++ hours facilitating online meetings and coaching teams, managers and especially EXECUTIVES online. I know how to do this and I will teach you HOW. I now offer a couple of very specific courses in how to do all these things effectively.



Here are those courses:

For teachers, instructors and certified trainers…

CONNECT & COMMUNICATE: How to Teach Online

This course is for anyone who is teaching online and wants to be excellent at it. This course will improve your scores from students, and show you what adjustments you need to make to DELIVER A GREAT ONLINE COURSE. I do this for a living, and I will teach you how. Pro teachers from all over the world are taking this class.

You can learn more by scrolling down, and you examine testimonial endorsements here.

For managers, facilitators, Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, and EXECUTIVES…

CONNECT & COMMUNICATE: Meeting, Managing and Leading ONLINE

This course is NOT about teaching. It is for those who must now facilitate, manage and LEAD across the connected online-video medium. This course teaches how to plan, arrange and deliver GREAT online meeting events as a facilitator, manager, or executive leader. In this class there is a special emphasis on how positional authority is handled while operating inside this new, connected, online world of work. There are many non-obvious pitfalls and also subtle advantages to managing and leading inside this new working environment. I show you these. And how to sidestep those pitfalls, and take advantage of those opportunities. I show you how to stand out as you do both.

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Your Instructor: DANIEL MEZICK

I have over 2500++ hours of direct experience delivering connected training, coaching and meetings using online video. I ALSO have over 1800++ additional hours coaching managers, directors and executives in the nuances of execution across the connected, online-video medium. My background includes over 20,000 lifetime hours of classroom instruction. I am also the author or co-author of 3 books on organizational change and I have been a coach of executives for over 12 years.

Some of the most prominent Agile trainers and coaches in the world have participated in my courses. The enthusiastic and sometimes astonishing testimonial endorsements I have received from these professionals are at once very edifying, and very humbling. You can read the testimonial endorsements here and you can learn more about me here.


I am a teacher by profession.

I have over two thousand (2500) hours of actual experience delivering teaching online since 2014.

I have over 20,000 hours of overall teaching experience since 1993. 

I have taught a variety of courses over 270 times since 2014 using Zoom video.

I do this for a living, and I will teach you how. 

Pro teachers from all over the world are taking this class.

And here is what they are saying:

“…Daniel Mezick has a course titled “CONNECT & COMMUNICATE: Teaching Online” that is, shall I say, THE BOMB. I’m an accomplished and comfortable teacher of in-person classes. And I learned so many things that I’m eager to try out, both in online form and even adjustments to my in-person offerings. If you’re a teacher, and I mean not just “adult industry courses”, but also all of those who teach our kids, work for governmental school boards, and are now trying to figure out how to deliver their curriculum online, this is a must. Thanks Daniel. Really appreciate the insights. “

Mike Kaufman: Relationship Coach (ORSCC), Leadership and Management Coach, Trainer, Facilitator, and Agile Coach (Linkedin)

You can learn more about me here:

The online medium has many non-obvious advantages and disadvantages. In this class I teach you my method, a collection of nearly 100 individual techniques that actually work

IN THIS CLASS, you’ll learn how to unlock the power of the online medium as a teacher and communicator. I will show you how.


From Jeff Lopez-Stuit, professional Scrum teacher with over 12 years experience teaching: “”I am extremely grateful I took Daniel’s class.  He showed us a human and value-producing approach to online teaching, built on years of experience.  I highly recommend anyone considering teaching *any* subject online to learn what Daniel offers.”

This is a short-course that is absolutely packed with content. It includes several group exercises. You’ll experience these exercises and then apply the same style and form to your own classes. 

You receive the following materials, resources, tools, and support: 

1. The Online Communication Checklist: A list of things to do to communicate well online

2. The Online Student Checklist: Things students do to get the most out of an online class. You will send this to your own students…

3. The Online Teacher Checklist: A list of essential things-to-do (and NOT do) for teachers. Includes diverse topics like scheduling, protocols and rules, and tips on structuring form and content

4. 30 Days of Support: I personally support you as you get traction with your online teaching, I support you for 30 days, by email. 

5. Membership in our By-Invitation-Only Slack group for ALUMNI, where you stay connected, help the others, and deepen your own learning.


Joe Justice, professional Scrum coach, developer of Scrum for Hardware and inventor the WIKISPEED kit-built Agile automobile: “I have heard good things about this, and intend to participate in the next one. “

Bob Sarni, pro Scrum trainer with over 12 years of experience: “Are you someone that teaches adults for a living and now find yourself in a position to create an awesome learning experience virtually? I am currently attending a workshop lead by Daniel Mezick who has years of experience creating these experiences virtually. I did not know what to expect but my expectations have been exceeded!”

Thoralf Klatt, profession trainer of: Scrum At Scale, Licensed Scrum and more: “SO proud to be part of the inaugural group. Just finished Day2 of [Connect & Communicate: How to Teach Online] and I can truly recommend it.”

Mark Sheffield, professional Agile and Scrum Coach and co-author of INVITING LEADERSHIP: “Daniel Mezick is an excellent teacher and the inaugural class was amazing. “


a. You get three (3) sessions of two (2) hours each

b. You get the entire course and related resources and tools

c. You get a high-quality class that is strictly limited to 16 students

d. You exit this class ready to design super-engaging online meetings, and design and deliver your own super-engaging online training programs. The result: super-satisfied students and outstanding testimonial endorsements.



One last TESTIMONIAL, from Astrid Claessen, executive coach and Agile Product expert: “…Last week I attended an online training on doing great online trainings. How “meta” does it get?

We had a great time and learned about how to prepare yourself, participants, structure, needs, non-verbals, use of visuals, meetings as games, break-out rooms and so much more……

Want to make your online training more engaging? Engage your audience with lot’s of tips and tricks from the one and only Mister Mezick.”

For Facilitators, Managers and Executive-Level Leaders:

CONNECT & COMMUNICATE: Meeting, Managing and LEADING Online

Learn how to coach, manage and lead across the connected online-video medium:

The sudden rise of the connected online-video medium for work communication represents challenges and opportunities for coaches, managers and executives. This course teaches the specific skills you need to stand out, and be effective, over online video.

This short course is a full 8 hours of class time, including quite a few exercises. Students exit this class ready to stand out as a coach, facilitator and leader. 

Who benefits most from attendance: 

  • Managers, Directors and Executives
  • Executive and Agile Coaches
  • A

The content of this course includes: 

  • Connected Personal Communication
  • Connected Coaching and Mentoring
  • Connected Meeting Facilitation
  • Connected Leadership Communication
  • Online Platforms and Tools for Connected Events
  • Designing, Arranging and Delivering Larger, Whole-Group Events
  • The Takeaway Resources: Checklists, Tools and Toolkits

Course Goal: 

To build your competence and confidence in the use of the connected online-video medium, in your role as a manager, an executive leader and a coach

Here are the details: 


Connected Personal Communication 

How to communicate effectively online over video and audio. Here we present a very specific set of concerns an topics. We present a very specific set of methods, techniques, and approaches. Students learn how to optimize their presentation-of-self for this new medium. Students exit this segment ready to be much more effective as a communicator in this new medium.


Connected Coaching and Mentoring

This segment identifies specific issues and answers with respect to leading and coaching teams via the connected online medium. 

There is a strong emphasis on the Scrum Master/Agile coach role in this segment. 

PART 3: 

Connected Meetings and Facilitation

In this segment, specific techniques for facilitating meetings online are presented. You learn how arrange, deliver and manage effective meetings in this new medium. The connected online video medium presents some specific challenges and opportunities to really stand out as a facilitator. We walk you through these opportunities and provide some practice exercises to get you started with what is taught here. 

PART 4: 

Connected Leadership Communication

The exercise of authority and leadership over video represents a distinct set of challenges. Where do you sit, for example? How do you exercise authority when assigned a random location on a rows-and-columns video grid? This segment of the course provides a set of specific Do’s and Dont’s if you are person in a highly authorized leadership role. You exit this segment understanding how to lead people and exercise authority across the connected-video medium.

PART 5: 

Online Platforms and Tools for Connected Events

Platforms and tools are an important part of overall doing work over connected online video. In this segment we explain the tools and platforms we recommend. You’ll exit with some templates and pre-fabricated setups for using these tools effectively. New tools appear frequently and we show you which tools we are using and why. 

PART 6: 

Designing, Arranging and Delivering Larger, Whole-Group Events

Whole-group process leads to whole group engagement and success. We show how to set up conference-scale events in a variety of formats for the connected, online video medium. You’ll learn how to plan, arrange and deliver events for up to 200 people in this segment of the course.

PART 7: 

The Takeaway Resources

You exit this course with a set of Checklists, Tools and Toolkits that support your work in the online video medium after the class. You receive seven (&) detailed Checklists, lists of books, web pages and resources, and the Glossary for this course. 


This 7-part, 8-hour course of instruction provides everything you need to do a great job managing and leading, effectively, across the connected online-video medium.

I hope to see you in class !



(*) NOTE: Special thanks to Marai Kiele, who coined the phrase “Connect and (then) Communicate” and allows the use of it here.