Self-Organization is Self-Management


Self organization is self management.

This means the reverse is true: “self management is self organization.”

What is management?

To manage is to direct and control. Inside software development teams, management includes directing and controlling decisions that effect the the team. Let’s set aside that important point for now. For now, let’s discuss the nature of management as it pertains to the software teams you are advising…

…Management is a function, not a role. Repeat: management is a function performed by the team, not performed a single person in a role. Not a person. Not a “manager-person.”

Management is a function, and an essential one. IT’S NOT GOING AWAY. Management is actually more alive then ever before. The difference, for purely Agile teams, is that management is an essential function, rather than an essential role.

So: when you hear “self organization”, replace that with “self management.”


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