Rights of Man by Thomas Paine

Ok, now that I have your attention, I want you to go out, and buy a copy of the book RIGHTS OF MAN by Thomas Paine.

Turn to page 107, and read this:

Quoting Thomas Paine, RIGHTS OF MAN, page 107:
“…society performs for itself almost everything that is ascribed to government.”

Another way of reading it:

“…self-organizing teams perform for themselves almost everything that is ascribed to managers ”

RIGHTS OF MAN is a small and important book for Agile folks to read. It may even be essential reading.

I work in Boston. Now, it is important to realize, the American Revolution started in Boston. I think it is also important to realize, the Scrum revolution also starts in Boston. The Agile manifesto is over 13 years old, and the American revolution is a lot older than that.

Invite me, and I’ll consider your offer. Attempt to make me, and you reduce my happiness by reducing my sense of control and belonging… via techniques of manipulation, coercion, etc.

People don’t need convincing. All they need is an invitation. All you need to do is explain the game clearly enough for the listener to make an informed, rational, intentional decision. And then invite them to play.

Self-managed, self-organizing individuals know exactly what to do: opt-in, or opt-out.