Problem? What Problem?

Here is a list of Tweets I sent out on Sunday March 15 2015. I posted these in response to some Agile coaching folks, folks who expressed serious doubt that “imposed Agile” or “mandatory Agile practices” actually represents a serious, pervasive, BIG problem for the Agile movement…

You can click through each Tweet, to see the actual source of the quote…..there’s some good stuff here, including quotes from very notable Agile authors, like Martin Fowler, Mike Cohn and Alan Shalloway.

…is “forced Agile practices” a problem? Apparently yes, it actually  is…….


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Problem? What problem?


“… I quit my last job because ‘Agile’ was rammed down our throats.” #scrum #management #leadership #lean #kanban


The 1 constant in typical #agile adoptions? The mandate. What if this is the main problem? What if you fixed it?