Praise for: The Culture Game

The Culture Game is the book for managers who are seeking more agility for their team, their department and the wider enterprise. The book is a road map that provides sixteen learning practices and a proven strategy for socializing them throughout your organization.





Here is what respected business and thought leaders are saying about The Culture Game:


“The practices found in this book can turn a mediocre organization into one that can change the world.  It makes Tribal Leadership practical, applicable, and impactful.”

-DAVE LOGAN, Co-Author of TRIBAL LEADERSHIP and Professor, Marshall School of Business, USC



“Dan is a great synthesizer. And this book is a terrific entry point into the world of culture hacking.”

-JIM AND MICHELE MCCARTHY, Authors, Software For Your Head and the curators of the Core Protocols.



“ … This how-to book moves Agile learning ideas from software development directly into the mainstream of business. Dan provides specific practices, guidance and tools that ANY manager can use to create great results through group learning. Businesses can be profitable and joyful all at once. This book shows how! “




“  … Change the language in the tribe, and you have changed the culture of the tribe itself . Change the culture of the tribe, and the organization can transform itself. The sixteen tribal learning practices found in this book help scale agility from teams… to tribes. Great organizations are those where tribal leadership emerges and Dan’s book can help make it happen ! “

JEFF SUTHERLAND, CEO,  SCRUM INC, co-formulator of the Scrum framework



“  … Looking for ways to more fully engage your people in the work? Look no further, The Culture Game is it! Loaded with practical steps and inspiration, the book provides a framework for action and real organizational change. Required reading for managers who are passionate about changing the world of work. “




“Dan directly addresses an emerging an until lately unaddressed subject. Software is developed by people. However, a search for best practices for software developers working together as teams will not produce many results. Thanks for the addition, Dan.”  

-KEN SCHWABER, Founder and co-formulator of the Scrum framework


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