In golf, the perfect score is 18.

In communication between 2 people, the ideal is mind-reading.

In communication inside groups, the ideal is a flow of serendipitous interactions, perfect communication flow, with no meetings.

In teams whose aim is to create value, the ideal is continuous flow.

None of these ideals is attainable. That said, is it useful to consider available devices that might help you get close. In golf, there is practice and coaching and play. In 2-person communication, we might try SVO-p, or Nonviolent Communication, to help us get closer to perfect communication. For team-level communication about things that matter, we might try Scrum or Kanban.

What I want you to see is that perfect is something to shoot for, and that NOT getting there is normal. Therefore, to throw dimes (show disrespect) to devices that help is never productive … and actually counter-productive. Saying things like “The ideal is flow rather than kanban” completely misses the point.

Kanban is a very useful device for getting closer and closer to the perfection of continuous flow. To devalue a device because it does not achieve perfection is a perfectly flawed argument. That is like saying that focusing on your golf swing is stupid because people who have done so previously have never achieved the perfect score of 18.

Realize that perfection, by definition, is something you get close to, and by definition, never attain. That is NOT a reason to devalue devices that get you closer and closer and closer still, to perfection. Kanban is useful for paying attention to a continuous flow of value, and the relentless pursuit of perfecting that flow.