Moving Beyond IceBreakers!

If you are an Agile coach or Agile practitioner, YOU NEED THIS BOOK.

Not too long ago, in Boston, we discovered TEEN EMPOWERMENT. This non-profit is in the business of mediating conflict and violence between gangs and other groups of people in the inner city. They are in the business of building shared understanding between rival groups. They are in the business of helping young people in the inner city reclaim their identity, and their lives. TEEN EMPOWERMENT is in the business of serving others.

But wait…there’s more. The leader Stanley Pollack discovered that by using what he call ‘interactive activities’, (read: “agile games”) people can learn to build bridges, get learning, and develop shared understandings, even as they process differences.

Does this sound familiar?

I hope it does.

At, we are doing everything we can to promote the work of TEEN EMPOWERMENT and the amazing book, MOVING BEYOND ICEBREAKERS.

You want to examine this amazing book NOW,  and get a copy.

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