May 21 Meeting: Live Scrum Exercise

Studying Scrum and DOING Scrum are very different.  Studying is just the first step. There’s much more value to be extracted from doing. In this meeting, you will see what real Scrum looks like. You’ll participate in a complete simulation, building a complex product. You won’t have all the answers at the start of the game….

This meeting is an experiental workshop.  You’ll be one of a team of 4 or 5 people, thrown into the deep end of the pool to explore spikes, story sizing, team dynamics, sprints, pulling the “what”, defining the “how”, conducting Sprint reviews including demos and retros. In the workshop you build a very complex product in a timebox with your team. Each iteration ends in minutes and you must deliver a value when the iterations are over. There are all sorts of surprises in this workshop, including some key learnings about team dynamics, team composition, experimentation, and some mid-course corrections. This is a fast-paced Scrum simulation experience.

Because of the limited space, only THIRTY participants will get in. Your registration is an EXPLICIT commitment to attend. This is first-come, first served. There is no money cost to attend and you are expected to be present if you register. Please do not register casually.


About The Presenter:

Daniel Mezick is an Executive and Agile Coach at, a team of Agile coaches based in New England. Daniel has coached hundreds of teams adopting Agile since 2008. He is a frequent speaker at Agile conferences and a founder of the user group. His book describes 16 patterns and practices derived from Agile that any team can use to bring more learning, engagement and productivity to the world of work. Learn more at, reach Daniel on Twitter @DanMezick, emailhim at, or call him at 203 915 7248.



Pondview Corporate Center
74 Batterson Park Rd., #100
Farmington, CT 06032

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Tuesday evening, MAY 21 2013 from 6:00PM to 8:45PM

NOTE: This is a start time change. Starts at 6:00PM


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Meeting Agenda:

6:00 pm Introduction to Workshop; Team formation

6:10 pm Execution of an experiental “spike” with the kit with your team

6:20pm Sprint Planning

6:35pm Iteration 1 with Demo and Retro

6:55pm Iteration 2 with Demo and Retro

7:15pm Iteration 3 with Demo and Retro

7:35pm PAUSE MODE: We get out the simulation & examine it

7:55pm Iteration 4 with Demo and Retro

8:15pm Grand Demo, Retro and Cleanup

8:30pm DONE

8:45pm DONE DONE


Meeting Location:

74 Batterson Park Rd, Farmington CT 06032 (Directions)

NOTE: The event room is located on the 1st floor. Enter the building. Take the hallway then go left. The door to the event room is on your right.


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