March 05 2013 Meeting: Agile Coach Richard Kasperowski on Coaching with Open Space

Richard set a record when he facilitated a six-week-long Open Space with his software development team. This is unique: they are the only people in the world to have held Open Space for such a long time. They pushed the limits of Open Space Technology, discovering both what it’s great at and its limitations. Richard will share the highlights of what they learned: what worked, what didn’t work, and the surprising results.

At this session you will learn:

  • Open Space Technology: what it is, how to facilitate it
  • The importance of a real problem for a great Open Space, and how Open Space is exactly the right tool for organizing a group of people to solve it
  • How to prepare for Open Space
  • A radical use of Open Space: use it to manage your team for extended periods of time
  • How to facilitate Open Space well
  • As a facilitator, which seductive shortcuts should you avoid?
  • Unexpected positive and negative outcomes

About The Presenter:

Richard Kasperowski is an Agile coach-manager. He leads the software dev team for one of the world’s largest social identity systems, coaches Agile software teams around the world, and is the founder of Nokia’s Boston-area Agile community. He contributes to the larger Agile and Scrum community in the United States and elsewhere. Read more about Richard at and follow him at @rkasper.



Pondview Corporate Center
74 Batterson Park Rd., #100
Farmington, CT 06032

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Tuesday evening, March 05 2013 from 6:30PM to 8:30PM

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Meeting Agenda:

6:30 pm Introduction

7:00 pm Food, beverages, and socializing

7:20 pm Main event

8:20 pm Done

8:30 pm Done Done


Meeting Location:

74 Batterson Park Rd, Farmington CT 06032 (Directions)

NOTE: The event room is located on the 1st floor. Enter the building. Take the hallway then go left. The door to the event room is on your right.


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