Invite Facilitation


You must not only deliver excellent facilitation- you must also model it.

You must constantly invite people in the organization to learn the art of facilitation by watching you, and by doing it. And by being mentored by you.

The people who actually accept your invitation to participate in learning facilitation are the people who will help shape the new organizational story. These are the very people who will help make the organizational transformation a lasting and ongoing reality.

One of your primary tasks as an Agile coach is teach and encourage a culture of facilitation. Facilitation makes organizational learning easier. If this culture of facilitation outlives your engagement, it is a testament to your effectiveness as a coach.

Facilitation is an art; it is not a science. You must apply this art, and teach this art inside the organizations you are serving.


The root word of facilitation is “facil” or “facile”,  which means “to create ease” or “make easy.” Facilitation helps organizations more easily learn how to learn.

Disciple the facilitators you teach during your (short) time there. These folks are the very people who will soon be replacing you. These are the people who will help make the organizational transformation an actual reality…long after you are gone.

A disciple is “a follower or student of a teacher, a leader, or a philosopher.”


As you model and invite truly excellent facilitation, here are some questions you might consider asking:

What is the nature of my philosophy?

What is the nature of my teaching?

What is the nature of my leadership?


Your longer-term results provide a highly detailed answer to each of these questions.


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