Introducing: The Culture Game Book

Are you looking to implement Agile ideas in your organization? Are you a manager … a person who has a staff and convenes meetings? If so, this is your book.

As it says on the back cover:

“The overall pace of change, driven by technology, is literally changing the game of business. The “command-and-control” business culture is being replaced by Agile, self-organizing structures that create rapid learning across the enterprise. Organizations that do not adapt are being replaced by those that quickly respond to change. At the root of this Agile attitude is a culture of rapid organizational learning.

“Managers who grasp this reality are the new leaders. In The Culture Game, executive coach and author Daniel Mezick offers you sixteen proven team-learning practices, and a proven strategy for socializing them.

“Managers who convene meeting and hire people have the power to greatly influence culture in organizations. This book provides the tools to do exactly that. The Culture Game is the reference manual and toolbox for management “culture hackers”, those innovators and change-makers who are focused on creating a culture of learning inside their teams … and the wider organization.

Here is the Table of Contents:


Part One: Preliminaries

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Agile Origins

Chapter 3: Tribal Learning Overview

Chapter 4: Keep it Safe

Chapter 5: Game the Work

Part Two: Tribal Learning Practices

Chapter 6: Introducing the Practices

Chapter 7: Be Purposeful

Chapter 8: Facilitate Your Meetings

Chapter 9: Examine Your Norms

Chapter 10: Be Punctual

Chapter 11: Structure Your Interactions

Chapter 12: Announce Your Intent

Chapter 13: Game Your Meetings

Chapter 14: Conduct Frequent Experiments

Chapter 15: Manage Visually

Chapter 16: Inspect Frequently

Chapter 17: Get Coached

Chapter 18: Manage Your Boundaries

Chapter 19: Socialize Books

Chapter 20: Pay Explicit Attention

Chapter 21: Open The Space

Chapter 22: Be Playful

Part Three: Tribes and Triads

Chapter 23: Develop Your Triad

Chapter 24: Identify The Microstrategy & Execute

Chapter 25: Socialize the Work 


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