In Praise of the Naked RT

I told you earlier why quoting Tweets is OK, but might be suboptimal. And in that same post, I explained the virtue of the RT over the QuoteTweet. When you quote or RT, you are making an intentional choice.

Choose well!

Now I’m here to tell you how to change the world with your RTs.


Expressing LOVE For Someone’s ideas Online

Your 1-click RT is actually a way to express LOVE for someone online. Here’s how….

As explained before, you boost a Twitter user’s authority rank by doing a “naked” RT. A naked RT is a straight 1-click RT with no comments in it. Click. Done.

We have no control over how Google and Twitter create the rules for ranking. What we do have control over is how we play. Until further notice, the naked RT is the single most leveraged act of agency you can engage in. That one click takes you a microsecond and has the potential to start and/or be part of something very BIG that you align and agree with. The naked RT is a super-leveraged power tool.

Your naked RT has potential power to change the world, because it increases the velocity of spread of a single person’s ideas. It also bumps their presence and authority ranking online. Therefore, if most of what that person says really clicks with you, and you do a naked RT on their Tweets, you supply the the motivation, the ability and the trigger for others who follow you to do exactly the same.

Duh !

The implications of this are absolutely huge. It means an unknown Twitter user (even some super-bright kid) who has super-attractive, super-high-quality thinking can “come of nowhere” and rapidly get instant traction and memetic spread via YOUR followers. And you are making this happen and in fact become part of a potentially much bigger story when you “RT naked.”

If you quote them instead of using the naked-RT, you slow everything down. Plus it’s not nice, especially if you have more followers than the author!

This is why you rarely if ever see me quoting a Tweet. I RT you, naked, instead. And if I RT you, it’s because I want your ideas to spread as fast as possible. That’s why I do it.

The fastest way on the planet to spread an idea quickly across the whole earth is the 1-click “naked RT“. This single and highly purposeful act of agency has potentially very huge network effects.

If you want to change the status-quo, you must take action to spread the ideas you think are the best. There is no faster or more leveraged way to do that than the naked RT on Twitter. There is also no faster way to help someone else.

The 1-click RT is a form of expressing LOVE for a person, and their ideas, online. With one click….

  • It elevates the authority ranking of the author;
  • It increases the velocity of ideas having sex;
  • It encourages your followers to RT again, with ONE CLICK, leveraging exponential network effects….
  • It is a clear micropayment of support and encouragement for the tweet author (which costs you nothing);
  • You sidestep the ugly business of RT hijacking (which is something you DO NOT want to be associated with);
  • It is the right thing to do.

Do the right thing. When you see good work, go naked!

BUT WAIT: What if I want to COMMENT on or ADD TO the Thought in That Tweet?

If you want to comment or add to a Tweet you adore, consider RTing it naked with 1-click FIRST, then Tweet your own comment as the next, separate serial Tweet in your stream. ‘cc:’ the author of the RT if you like. The RT-first honors (and expresses love for the thinking of) the original author, it gives them a nice little bump in authority, AND it provides you with 140 characters to express yourself more fully in a comment-space that has up to  140 characters.

1-click that Tweet with a naked RT. And encourage others to do the same…and explain why!

You’ll do a world of good.