Feb 05 2013 Meeting: Agile Coach Frank Saucier on: EFFECTIVE PRODUCT OWNERSHIP

Slides from this talk are available: Effective Product Ownership

The Product Owner role is essential in Scrum. Get this right, and your product delights end-users and customers. Play this role ineffectively and you have a failed Scrum implementation.

This month’s meeting is about work with Product Owners and how to be effective in the role of Product Owner. Agile Coach Frank Saucier from FreeStandingAgility brings a tutorial presentation and a set of group activities that convey an understanding of the Product Owner role.


Ken Schwaber says “The Product Owner role is both challenging and rewarding.” The Scrum Guide says “The Product Owner may not be the Scrum Master.” It also says “The Product Owner is a single person.”

“As a [user], I want to…”

If you’ve written requirements as stories, you are probably very familiar with this phrase, but who exactly is the user we are talking about?

Ultimately, the Product Owner role’s primary task is to create a Product Backlog. How exactly does this magic happen? Who makes a good Product Owner? Who selects or nominates the Product Owner? Attend this session to learn:

  • How to select a Product Owner
  • How to work with the Product Owner to build a backlog
  • How to effectively occupy the Product Owner role in your organization
  • What skills are essential to be a good Product Owner
  • Specific guidance on how to gather requirements, assess value & make frequent trade-off decisions
  • What the Product Owner DOES NOT do
  • Sources of more guidance, resources and information

If you are a project sponsor or executive considering agile or Scrum, you do not want to miss this presentation.

Attend this session to learn the inside scoop on tips, tricks and techniques for occupying the role and/or interacting with the person in the role of the Product Owner


About The Presenter:

Frank Saucier is an Agile coach and trainer at FreeStanding Agility. He delivers experiential Agile training courses and Agile coaching. Frank works with company leaders, conducts team starts and provides Agile coaching guidance to teams, managers, and project sponsors. His Agile coaching and training experience includes work with individuals and teams from Aetna Insurance, MetraTech, Mass Mutual Insurance, F5 Networks, and Philips Electronics.

Frank has over 20 years experience in software and technology spanning software development, computer engineering, application engineering, technology marketing, & project management. He has domain expertise in  Enterprise Mobile, Insurance, Financial Systems, Design Automation, Defense Systems, and Web Technologies. Reach Frank by email at franks@freestandingagility.com