Daily Scrum: A Status Meeting?

is the Daily Scrum a ‘status meeting’? (trick question)

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No. The Daily Scrum IS NOT repeat not a (traditional) status meeting…

…I recently fielded this question during a Scrum briefing I did for a client:


What’s the diff between a Daily Scrum and “status meeting”? The 3 questions sound like “status info”….?


The Daily Scrum is not a ‘status meeting’ in the traditional sense of reporting to a person.

In a traditional status meeting, you report your status to a person in a role that has authority- a role like PROJECT MANAGER. A person in a role who is an ‘authority figure’.

FYI: This is a BIG deal!

In the Daily Scrum, you report the 3 questions (arguably status info) to your TEAM. Because the TEAM is the authority in that time in that place, namely: the Daily Scrum. The Daily Scrum is the TEAMs meeting. The Scrum Master (if present at all!) is NOT the boss, a “manager”, or a “project manager”. The Scrum Master is NONE of these things!

TEAM reports to TEAM. TEAM is authority in the Daily Scrum.

A subtle yet profoundly HUGE difference !

Further, the Daily Scrum is not a place to discuss solutions. Is IS THE PLACE to surface and make explicit topics for subsequent discussion. After the Daily Scrum !

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