January 25, 2012 MONTHLY MEETING: Author Bill Joiner on: LEADERSHIP AGILITY

Please join us for the January meeting of Agile Boston. (We always meet the 4th Wednesday of the month). The book LEADERSHIP AGILITY, describes stages of development in leaders of organizations. The model has 5 levels: Expert, Achiever, Catalyst, Co-Creator, and the Synergist. At each level the leader displays more and more reflection, perspective-taking, and insight. These are the very skills leaders need when contemplating an Agile adoption.




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Bill Joiner’s Jan. 25 presentation, based on his award-winning book Leadership Agility, was well-attended and well-received.  For managers who are members of Agile Boston he is now offering a special discount on his most popular workshop, the Agile Change-Leader Lab (April 12-13).  To take an extra $200 off the $180 early-bird discount currently in effect, sign up by Feb. 24 and use the promo code “Agile Boston,” a total discount of $380.  For more information about the workshop and to register, go to www.changewise.biz/?page_id=1612, You can also access complementary resources by visiting Bill’s website:  www.changewise.biz



Meeting Date: Wednesday, 01/25/2012


Bill Joiner, the author of this book, joins us on January 25 (4th Wednesday) to explain the Leadership Agility framework. This meeting is especially important for managers, directors and vice-presidents who are seeking more Agility for their organizations. Leaders set the stage for all that follows and the content in this session is sure to stimulate your thinking about the role of leaders, the stage of development they are at, and how it all fits inside your wider Agile adoption initiatives.

About The Speaker:

Bill Joiner is a seasoned leadership expert and organizational change consultant, with 30 years of experience completing successful engagements with companies based in the US, Canada, and Europe. He is co-author of the book Leadership Agility, and co-developer, with Cambria Consulting, of the Leadership Agility 360, the only online feedback instrument that assesses research-based levels of leadership agility. Bill speaks about leadership agility, partners with senior leaders in developing high performing teams, creating breakthrough strategies, leading organizational change, and redesigning business processes. He also provides leadership workshops and custom-designs and implements action learning programs. He is also the designer or co-designer of most ChangeWise consulting and training services. For nine years, Bill served as an adjunct faculty member for the Leadership for Change program at Boston College.

He has a BA and MBA from Southern Methodist University and earned his Doctorate in Organization Development at Harvard University.