Agile Facilitation Jobs In Maryland

One of my Agile adoption clients, this one in Maryland (about 40 mins east of DC with no traffic)  immediately seeks several people for full-time hire to facilitate the ongoing work of 18 existing software teams relatively new to Agile software development.

In this role you are a member of a 6-person team responsible for facilitating higher performance across the entire enterprise…

…The ideal candidate has:

  • Passionate interest in the dynamics and application of self-organization
  • Solid understanding of Open Space concepts and facilities (strongly preferred)
  • Direct facilitation experience (general meetings, World Cafe etc)
  • Familiarity with Agile software development; especially the Agile Manifesto 4 values & 12 principles
  • Familiarity with concepts and components
  • Familiarity with Kanban, Scrum and related Agile practices (user stories, planning poker, retrospectives etc)

…If you are a successful candidate, you’ll be mentored and guided by professional Agile coaches. These temporary external coaches (myself included) will begin vacating throughout the Open Agile Adoption implementation period (90 to 120 days) after bringing you up to speed…

The primary responsibilities are:

  • Facilitate various team meetings
  • Sense what you teams need from a sociological point of view
  • Create conditions for self-management and self-organization to manifest
  • Work with peers and people in higher-authorized roles to create & then continuously maintain the conditions for high performance and continuous improvement
  • Be diplomatic and adept in communicating as needed, up and down the organization
  • Work within and contribute to an enterprise-wide community of practice
  • Encourage a culture of facilitation

These are full-time positions. This is a ground-floor opportunity to facilitate, full-time for a living. You’ll work in an Agile environment where periodic, enterprise-wide Open Space gatherings are part of the plan. Knowledge of the software side of things is important, yet less important than your grasp of Open Agile Adoption ( sociology and related topics.

If you have solid facilitation experience, and

  • are seeking a great full-time job in facilitation, and
  • have more than a clue about Agile software development, and
  • live near (or are willing to relocate to) northern Maryland, then:

….please contact me by email with “Maryland Jobs” in the subject line.

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