Agile Coaching Lessons

These essays are a series of posts related to Agile coaching.

They are posted in service to Agile coaches throughout the world.

The guidance here is distilled from over 8 years and over 10,000 hours of advising, consulting with, and providing coaching to, Agile teams and organizations in the USA and Europe.

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Lesson 01: Signal That You Have No Authority

Lesson 02: Positioning Is Signaling

Lesson 03: Use Your Body When Facilitating

Lesson 04: Self-Organization Is Self-Management

Lesson 05: Self-Management is Authority-Distribution-By-Consent

Lesson 06: Your Authoritative Style Kills Self-Organization

Lesson 07: Invite Facilitation

Lesson 08: Practices Change, Principles Don’t

Lesson 09: Start in Open Space

Lesson 10: Open Space Tells The Story

Lesson 11: Encourage Executives to Encourage Experimentation

Lesson 12: I Want To Write The Story (and be IN the story…)

Lesson 13: When They Say No, Reduce the Ask By Half

Lesson 14: Engagement is Everything

Lesson 15: Real Leaders Go First

Lesson 16: Help The Team Identify Their Core Values As Soon As Possible. Or Sooner

Lesson 17: The PUSH of Agile Creates “Trance Formations”

Lesson 18: Definitions Are Agreements

Lesson 19: Agile is a Game. Agree About The Rules

Lesson 20: Only the Engaged Can Actively Self-Manage

Lesson 21: Ending in Open Space

Lesson 22: Get It In Writing

Coming Soon:

Lesson 25: Most (Group) Behavior is Unconscious

Lesson 30: Read SPIRIT by Harrison Own. ALL of it

Lesson 35: All Learning is Change. Most Change is Grief

Lesson 40: Without a Coherent Story, Liminality Reigns

Lesson 45: Human Culture Abhors a Storytelling Vacuum

Lesson 50: Most Problems Are Problems with Authorization

Lesson 55: Only the Engaged Can Actively Self-Manage

Lesson 60: Forget Everything They Tell You on the Phone

Lesson 65: If It Works Small, It Might Work Big

Lesson 70: Use Invitation To Create Engagement

Lesson 90: Every KPI You Are Measuring Depends on Engaged Human Beings Who Actually Give a Damn

Lesson 100: The Authoritative Mandate of Specific Agile Practices Routinely Switches Them Off

Lesson 110: Don’t Say “Self Organization” to Executives, Say “High Performance” Instead

Lesson 120: Don’t Say “Play” to Executives, Say “Experimentation” Instead

Lesson 130: Nurture an Emerging Culture of “Committed Experimentation”

Lesson 140: Announce The Date You Are LEAVING

Lesson 150: Make the Cultural Advantages of Facilitation Blatantly Obvious

Lesson 160: Never Facilitate An Open Space Meeting

Lesson 170: Sharpen Your Rhetoric

Lesson 180: Teach Them Everything You Currently Know, But Be Discerning In Terms Of When, What and Who

Lesson 190: Embody The Spirit of Open Space

Lesson 200: Agile Adoption Is Very Triggering For Participants- Gird Your Loins

Lesson 210: Pay Attention to the Anxiety Iceberg

Lesson 220: Worried People Can’t Learn

Lesson 230: Be Predictable and Reliable

Lesson 240: Deliver Control, Progress, and Belonging

Lesson 250: Facilitators Must Be Authorized

Lesson 260: Let The Lessons from Open Space Guide You

Lesson 270: Attend a Group Relations Conference

Lesson 280: What No One Wants To Admit… About Open Space

Lesson 290: Never Win an Argument

Lesson 300: Reduce the Coaching Days

Lesson 310: Shut The Door

Lesson 320: Your Presence Cannot Trigger The Transformation, Only Your ABSENCE Can Do That

Lesson 340: Teach Them To Sit With It

Lesson 350: Let The Culture Take Care of It

Lesson 360: Everybody Knows

Lesson 370: Effective Use of The Silent Treatment

Lesson 380: Less is More

Lesson 390: Vacate the Circle







If you find value in these essays and find yourself curiously drawn to them, consider following me on Twitter and/or joining the Open Agile Adoption group on Facebook

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