Without good requirements, you cannot do good Agile. You need to know how to collect, gather and define requirements. Attend this meeting to learn how to build a real Product Backlog !

Everyone wants to know how to define requirements at the start of an Agile project. Old-school requirements insist that we do analysis, get PERFECT requirements, then do design, then development, then test. Sound familiar??

The results are in: this is a very ineffective approach to creating GREAT software.

The mechanics of creating requirements in an Agile way is very visual, tactile and collaborative. How we do requirements is the very heart of Agile. To really understand software Agility, you must experience how we gather and define requirements.

WARNING: Agile Requirements Gathering might cause discomfort and/or pain in the neck. May cause shortness of breathe in some individuals.

Attend to find out how to start gathering requirements in an Agile way!





All who have an interest in great software with others can attend this meeting. Persons not comfortable creating great software with others may not enjoy this meeting.

Managers, directors and project sponsors as well as executives will get a great deal out this meeting.

Team members and project leaders new to Agile who are looking to really get going with Agile projects

Everyone in Connecticut who cares about genuine and authentic Agile adoptions in their workplaces may want to be at this meeting.


Everyone exits this meeting ready to go with Agile Requirements Gathering teachings, knowledge and direct experience.



  • How to generate enough good requirements to actually start coding in as little as 2 hours
  • How and why using index cards and facilitated meetings create great requirements
  • Why “user stories” make perfect sense for gathering requirements
  • What a “persona” is, and how to leverage them to create requirements
  • How to generate 60 ACTIONABLE requirements per hour
  • What a User Story Map is good for, and why you care
  • How avoid soul-sucking death march meetings, and replace them with fun, energizing and productive episodes of learning as you gather requirements
  • How to teach Agile Requirements Gathering to others in your organization




Dan Mezick

Dan Mezick is an expert adviser on Agile who delivers Agile coaching and guidance to teams, departments and corporate executives. As skilled Open Space facilitator, he has pioneered the use of Open Space in Boston and is the Open Space facilitator for the Agile NYC Open Space 2012 conference held February 27, 2012.

He is the author of The Culture Game, a book of practices, derived from Agile, that managers use to promote more learning and agility inside their teams and the wider organization. He is a frequent speaker at Agile and management conferences and is the keynote speaker for the Northeast Quality Conference 2012.

His coaching clients include Mass Mutual, Hartford Insurance, CIGNA, Sikorsky Aircraft, Zappos Insights, Orpheus Orchestra, and dozens of mid-size organizations.

You can learn more about Dan and his Agile coaching practice, here.



This is a facilitated workshop. You exit with direct experience gathering and generating genuine Agile Requirements. We focus on a specific web-based application and generate requirements in small facilitated groups.

600PM Intro to Agile and Scrum (with cheese and crackers) Dan Mezick

630PM Intro to Agile Requirements: Core Concepts. Dan Mezick

700PM BREAK. Food, beverages, socializing

720PM Exercise: Persona Generation

740PM Exercise: User Story Generation and Mapping

800PM Group Retrospective on Agile Requirements