November 22, 2011 EVENT: The 3rd Annual GIVE THANKS FOR SCRUM Event !

GIVE THANKS FOR SCRUM is the uniquely BOSTON Agile event.

No other city in the world can do it. Boston is the BIRTHPLACE of Scrum, because it is the home of Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland, the formulators of Scrum.

To get an idea of how significant and unique this event is, you must examine the past events. Click here to see pictures and the goings-on from the 2010 GIVE THANKS FOR SCRUM event.

It’s that time again!

The Thanksgiving Tradition in Boston: Give Thanks for Scrum, Q&A on Scrum with Jeff & Ken, circa 2010

Time to honor the tribal elders of Scrum, Boston natives both, Jeff Sutherland (Somerville, MA) and Ken Schwaber (Lexington, MA). We can thank Ken and Jeff for formulating Scrum right under our noses here in Boston. That formulation went on to be adopted throughout the world, changing the working lives of many people for the better. And so, each year here in Boston, we GIVE THANKS FOR SCRUM.





There’s only a few places in the world you can capture a picture like this one:

Tribal Elders, passing the buck

Boston is one of these places. Where else can you get a picture of Jeff and Ken doing Q&A like this?

For 2011, you can  expect great sessions, great food, some live music, and a great day of socializing and learning about Scrum here in Boston. Seating is limited this year, to keep the quality of the experience high. Tickets go up in price as they are purchased, when about 150 tickets are sold, that’s it. No more seats. If you want to attend, hop on now. Don’t worry, we have a fantastic program planned.

You get THREE HOURS of Jeff and Ken at this event !

Ken & Jeff, chilling out, 2010
Ken & Jeff, Tribal Elders of Scrum, 2010








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The Sessions:

KEN SCHWABER on: What a Year !

The Standish Group now reports that agile projects are three times more successful than waterfall. People are noticing. Ken will talk about some changes that he and Jeff made to Scrum, how future changes will emerge, and the clarified role of the Product Owner. Bring drumsticks.




JEFF SUTHERLAND on: Why Teams Are Not Hyperproductive!

At Agile 2011 the authors of the Agile Manifesto agreed the only thing we would add to the Manifesto is “We Really Meant It!”. For some reason, most teams that claim to be agile are not following the Agile Manifesto and think that it is OK to suck forever.

We know exactly, step by step, how every team can increase velocity by at least 400%. In this presentation we will cover the specific issues that are not addressed by agile teams that keep them dysfunctional and cause them to fail to deliver on the promise. By eliminating these impediments every team can radically improve performance.


DAN LE FEBVRE on: Self-Organization and Transparency: Team Freedom ? Or a Path to Micro-Management?

With visible task boards, burncharts, and daily Scrums; the team has many tools to organize and manage themselves. But can management abuse these tools? Can it turn into a better way to micro-manage? One of the hardest habits that managers have trouble breaking is the need to drive the team by making task assignments and tracking the results. Even those who truly want to help their teams by managing the task board is not really serving them. Scrum calls for self-organizing teams. The Scrum Master’s job is to help teach the team to self-organize. We’ll talk about how to avoid the traps of micro-management and truly lead the team to freedom at work through self-organization.



DAN MEZICK on: News and Views (AM and PM)

Dan MezickDan facilitates the GIVE THANKS FOR SCRUM event, and covers Agile community news related to Scrum, Agile Boston guiding values and how Scrum relates to Kanban, Occupy Wall Street, Agile Coaching Ethics, and Agile Day in Boston, during the brief opening remarks in the morning and afternoon.