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ONE Keynote- DOZENS of Amazing Speakers

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The Open Space after lunch !
The Crowd at the opening Keynote talks in the AM
The Crowd at the opening Keynote talks in the AM
The Dude, aka David Hussman. Dude !
Linda Rising on the Fixed vs Agile mindset. Wow !
Agile Day in Boston Open Space
Open Space ... Opening Circle!
Agile Day in Boston Open Space; yet another Open Space Session
Afternoon Open Space teaching session with Agile Coach: Dan LeFebvre
Agile Day in Boston Open Space; Over 45 sessions convened
Agile Day in Boston Open Space; Over 45 sessions convened
Closing Circle, Open Space, Agile Day in Boston
Closing Circle, Open Space, Agile Day in Boston
Coming in for a Landing: Food, Drinks and Amusements; Agile Day in Boston 9/29. Raffles and some surprises, including live music from Brian Tarbox (thanks Brian!)
Coming in for a Landing: Food, Drinks and Amusements; Agile Day in Boston 9/29. Raffles and some surprises, including live music from Brian Tarbox (thanks Brian!)
Food, fun and games after the Open Space close. The Agile tribe in Boston is a curious, fun-loving people
Socializing after the Open Space close. The Agile tribe in Boston is a curious, fun-loving people

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Rally, VersionOne, ValTech, Thoughtworks, NewTech, QSM, Pivotal Labs, Agile Coaching Institute, LeanKit Kanban !

ONE Keynote- DOZENS of Amazing Speakers

A historic Agile event linking 2 great cities, great  speakers and potentially, over 600 attendees across 3 days

Great AM Breakout Session Speakers


A Great Lunch


An rich Open Space with up to 36 sessions in the afternoon

A GREAT reception following, with:

..food, cocktails, fun social activities

…and a great many interesting games

View Event Schedule and Agenda Below

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Agile Boston is convening AGILE DAY 2011 (a dual event with Agile New York City) on September 29, 2011!

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Social and Reception following the Event !!

Your ticket includes a very FUN reception with food, drinks, and lots of opt-in social activities. At this event, you can opt-in to play games or simply socialize over some food, drinks and conversation.We have tables set up to enjoy games like Personality Poker. You can opt-in or simply enjoy a beer. We are putting you in a raffle for excellent Agile books, and so you have to be there to win if your name is called.

See the Personality Poker Video Here. (Always play with a full deck on your team !!) (Always play to your strong suit as an individual player !)


ALL of the activities have a certain “spectator sport” aspect, so do not be concerned about participating beyond enjoying a good laugh. Do what you like. Watch a movie. Play a game. Converse. Watch, then participate. Enjoy some music. Linger after the event and have a good time doing absolutely anything YOU want, including watching others having a good time.

Definitely linger and socialize !! The reception starts at about 530PM and food and drinks are provided for your enjoyment after the Open Space event !!


Brian Tarbox playing Native American woodwinds for all the folks over the public address system at the JavaONE conference event. Brian plan to play for us during the AgileDay event reception that starts around 530PM. Please plan to enjoy the reception from 530 730PM. The reception is good medicine for Rte128 rush hour traffic. Come to the reception to have fun, seek pleasure, and avoid Route 128 traffic pains !


We have many surprises planned for the reception beyond food, drinks, socializing and enjoyable games and activities. We do not know who might show up, what prizes you might win, or what kind of fun you might have. You’ll want to show up and see what develops. We promise you a wonderful time the entire day, especially at the end from 530 to 730PM.


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Here is how it works:

September 27: On September 27 , AGILE NYC is hosting AGILEDAY2011/NYC, the 1-day Agile conference…

September 28: On September 28, we are busing ALL the great Agile speakers from that NYC event are COMING TO BOSTONon a party bus…..to be with US in Boston…here is the bus we are chartering for the trip:



(NOTE: The bus is fully occupied and all seats are taken. Sorry !)


September 29: On September 29, Agile Boston is hosting AGILEDAY2011/Boston, the 1-day conference event, featuring a keynote and EIGHTEEN breakout sessions, an Open Space, and a PARTY in the evening!

This event occurs in NYC and Boston.

Some of you may want to go to just NYC, or go to BOTH EVENTS.

A clip from Menlo Innovations, the WorldBlu-certified democratic workplace where Richard Sheridan leads as CEO. Learn more here.


Note: Everyone listed below intends to present at the Open Space in the afternoon. See the Schedule for details on the AM schedule of speakers.

View Event Schedule and Agenda

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Richard Sheridan

From kid programmer in 1971 to Forbes cover boy in 2003, “outlier” Richard Sheridan has never shied from challenges, opportunities nor the limelight. While his focus has always been around technology, his passion is actually process, teamwork and organizational design, with one inordinately popular goal: the business value of joy! Sheridan is an avid reader and historian, and his software design and development team at Menlo Innovations didn’t invent a new culture, but copied an old one … Edison’s Menlo Park New Jersey lab. Some call it agile, some call it lean … Sheridan and his team call it joyful. And it produces results … business and otherwise. Four consecutive Inc. magazine revenue growth awards, invites to the White House, speaking engagements around the nation, numerous articles and culture awards, and so much interest they are doing a tour a day of the Menlo Software Factory.

Menlo and “The Business Value of Joy” in the news:

Us Chamber of Commerce, Corp Magazine, Huffington Post

Fortune Magazine: Saying No to the Boss and Flexible Jobs

Keynote Session: The Business Value of Joy

Agile, Lean, Six Sigma and the Business Value of JoyDescription: In this talk, Richard Sheridan, CEO of software design and development firm Menlo Innovations will start with an interesting proposition: a team culture intentionally focused on the business value of joy. Where does Lean, Six Sigma and this thing the software industry calls “agile” fit with a culture of joy? Sheridan will say “everywhere”. This talk will be a pictorial tour of The Menlo Software Factory(tm) outlining simultaneously points of joy and lean thinking, while contemplating the common cause variation problems that plague an industry that “enjoys” some of the largest business project failures in the history of mankind!

Web Site: http://www.menloinnovations.com

Menlo Innovations Awards:

  • Inc.’s Top Small Company Workplace Winner 2011 (including cover story, June 2011)
  • Inc.’s 500 Fastest Growing Private Companies in America (Inc. Magazine 2006)
  • Inc.’s 5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies in America (Inc. Magazine 2007, 2008, 2009)
  • 50 Most Prolific Leaders in Project Management (Project Management Institute)
  • World’s Most Democratic Organizations – WorldBlu (two time winner)

Linda Rising

Linda Rising has a Ph.D. from Arizona State University and a background that includes university teaching and industry work in a variety of domains.

An internationally known presenter on patterns, retrospectives, agile development, and the change process, Linda has authored numerous articles and four books, the most recent: Fearless Change: Patterns for Introducing New Ideas, with Mary Lynn Manns.

Find more information about Linda at www.lindarising.org.

Sessions from Linda Rising Include:

The most important lesson from Fearless Change (Linda’s book)

Most technical people have only one tool in their toolbox when it comes to convincing others — and that is — rational argument. Since we’re all smart people, clearly, we all make decisions rationally, so if I just tell you why

my idea is a good one you should be convinced, right? The lesson from Fearless Change is that we need a wide assortment of tools for influencing and, yes, selling, others on our ideas. If we don’t take advantage of these tools

we limit ourselves and our opportunities to make change.

What research tells us about an “agile” mindset

There are decades of research that tell us how powerful our attitudes are in determining the course of our lives. Building on the work of Carol Dweck, currently a Psychology professor at Stanford University, studies show that

people tend to have either one of two mindsets: fixed or agile. Holders of a fixed mindset believe that their abilities are determined early and can’t really change, while holders of an agile mindset believe in growth, that everyone can learn, change, and, well, be truly agile. What’s surprising is how these two mindsets can have wide-ranging impact in our daily activities.

David Hussman

An Agile Alliance Gordon Pask Award winner, David has been creating software for many years in a variety of domains: digital audio, digital biometrics, medical, financial, retail, and education to name a few. David now spends his time mentoring and coaching agile communities in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Asia.

Along with presenting and leading workshops / tutorials at conferences in the U.S. and Europe, David has contributed to several books (“Managing Agile Projects” and “Agile in the Large”).

He’s worked on agile curriculum for The University of Minnesota and Capella University, and is currently writing a book for the Pragmatic Programmer series.


Coaching Real Agility

Real change takes more than a few certification courses or one successful pilot project. Dogmatic preaching is short lived. If you are planning to grow agility that helps you produce better products and better code in meaningful timeframes, attend this session.

The session provides answers about coaching. We cover: 1) what successful coaches do, 2) who has the skills for the job, and 3) what is takes to move from success on one project to larger organic growth of real agility. We’ll inspect the challenges faced while trying to truly grow lasting agility within an organization.

From Preaching and Training … to Teaching and Learning

Gone are the days where a band of rebels migrated towards agile as a term to convey the value of their newer, lightweight processes. Yesterday’s rebellion is today’s solution to the rapidly changing eco-systems most software producers face.

As more people choose agile practices as tools for discovering and delivering products, the voice of the those early rebels is fading in ways that are both inevitable and dangerous. Join me in the challenge of pragmatically finding tools and talk that preserve the spirit of the rebels as we grow the movement. The time is now.

Lowell Lindstrom

Lowell is among the early pioneers in Agile Software Development. In 1999, while a VP at Object Mentor, he worked with Bob Martin, Kent Beck, Ron Jeffries and Martin Fowler to develop the ultimate Agile learning experience, XP Immersion™. In 2002, Lowell designed and delivered the first commercially available course on the business practices of Agile Software Development.

Lowell continues to take on leadership roles in Agile-focused industry and community groups. He was the organizing chair of the first North American conference on Agile Software Development (XP/Agile Universe) in 2001, and program chair in 2004. He was instrumental in unifying the then two leading Agile conferences. He was the Business Theme Program Chair for Agile 2010. He is a co-founder and former director of the Agile Project Leadership Network (APLN). He has been a member of the Scrum Alliance since its inception and and served as its interim Managing Director in late 2009/early 2010.

Traci Fenton

Traci Fenton is CEO of WorldBlu (www.worldblu.com) , inspiring democracy and freedom at work !

WorldBlu evangelizes and socializes democracy and freedom at work, via WorldBlu’s innovative education and company certification programs.

WorldBlu’s goal is to see 1 billion people working and living in democratized workplaces.

AM Breakout Session:

Freedom at Work: From Fear-Based to Freedom-Centered Organizations


Business as usual, characterized by an omnipotent CEO, layers of management, and closed-door deal-making is officially becoming a recipe for failure in the new world of work. At a time when the Internet has made everybody a somebody, where speed is king, and where Generations X & Y are increasingly taking the leadership helm, businesses all over the world must radically rethink the way they are designed and operated.

In this new world, the most successful companies are practicing organizational democracy as a key to their competitive advantage – a disciplined yet freedom-centered strategy for fully engaging employees, tapping their potential, sparking innovation, and building trust.

In this session, WorldBlu CEO Traci Fenton describes best practices and stories from the companies featured on the groundbreaking WorldBlu List of Most Democratic Workplaces™ (Zappos, Groupon, Hulu, DaVita, HCL and more). She draws from over a decade of research into successful democratic companies around the world. She shares powerful insights for building a building a world-class democratic workplace. Along the way she challenges you to rethink your assumptions about what democracy actually is. She explains with spirit and insight why freedom – not fear and control – is the best way to attract top talent, boost the bottom-line, and reinvent your workplace for business in a Democratic Age.

Bob Gower

With over 15 years experience in the software and digital agency businesses Bob has coached and directed UX design and product development for companies ranging from early-stage startups to the Fortune 100. Bob is passionate about collaboration, emergent design and team happiness as a key performance indicator. He’s been using Agile since 2005 and coaching since 2008. In 2010 he joined Rally Software where his focus is Agile transformation for large enterprises.


Large Agile Transformations – a framework for agile transformation for large enterprises with an emphasis on the role managers and executives play in successful transformations. The talk covers the key pieces needed to begin and maintain transformation at large enterprises. I reference original research, case studies and personal experience.

Happiness as a KPI (Key Performance Indicator) – how team happiness influences the bottom line and customer satisfaction. This talk references the latest research on motivation, the costs associated with dissatisfaction (and depression) as well as the benefits of teamwork and happiness. We finish with how to use Agile ideas to make work places happier and more productive.

Michele McCarthy

Michele co-wrote “Software For Your Head,” 2001, Addison-Wesley, and the 2006 edition of “Dynamics of Software Development,” by Microsoft Press. Beginning in 1990, Michele worked at Microsoft as a program manager on five projects, establishing a reputation for shipping on time. Jim McCarthy met Michele and encouraged her to move to the Visual C++ group where she began innovating in the area of team dynamics. While at Microsoft, Michele reached many of the insights that led she and Jim to leave Microsoft and create McCarthy Technologies, Inc. She is responsible for the development of many of the team formation concepts McCarthy Technologies practices and teaches today.

Michele has brought her team efficiency skills to bear on the McCarthy BootCamps and the subsequent development of The Core Protocols. She is currently the primary instructor at McCarthy BootCamps around the world, the primary consultant to McCarthy Technologies’ clients, and co-hosts The McCarthy Show podcast with Jim. Her passion is transforming groups of executives into true teams and advising high potential leaders.

Online, you can: listen to McCarthy podcasts, and read “Software for your Head”, and read The Core Protocols, and investigate the work of Michele and Jim McCarthy here.

Jim McCarthy

While leading projects at Bell Laboratories, The Whitewater Group, and Microsoft and, Jim McCarthy saw there was a better way to build products by focusing on the team. He led the creation one of the great Microsoft teams, the Visual C++ team. Much of Microsoft benefitted from his ideas as articulated in the seminal book, Dynamics of Software Development from Microsoft Press (1995, 2006). His approach and observations formed the basis of Microsoft Solutions Framework and were a catalyst for and a progenitor of the Extreme and Agile programming movements.

Jim partners with his wife, Michele McCarthy, to run McCarthy Technologies, Inc., which provides technology, training and consulting that enables organizations and teams to consistently generate the greatest possible results. The key to these results is an innovative, proprietary technology called “The Core”. It encapsulates and makes accessible the best interpersonal collaboration technology currently available and has been thoroughly researched, tested, and applied over the past 15 years. Just as Jim’s earlier approaches contributed to Microsoft’s successful culture, and ultimately helped give rise to the XP and Agile movements, his current research into The Core is poised to help a new generation of organizations achieve their highest potential.

Michele and Jim McCarthy Session: A Golden Era of Technological Culture?

Are we approaching, or even on the verge of, a Golden Era? Could it be that all the chaos and upheaval of current events portend something good? Is it possible that the software development world is not only leading the intensifying and global technological revolution but is also bringing about a universal and transformative culture? Are the Agile and Lean movements among the vehicles for the birth of a new, global collaborative culture? We will examine the big picture that emerges from the minutiae of everyday interactions and discuss details of how rigorously applied “normal” behavior produces greater results and a more magnificent world.

Joe Little

Joe Little is a Certified Scrum Trainer. He teaches Scrum and Agile practices throughout the world. His classes in Scrum and Agile are considered among the best in the world. Previously Joe has worked for Manufacturers Hanover, BIS Banking Systems (a systems vendor), Ernst & Young, and Bankers Trust. He has 20+ years of senior-level consulting experience in New York, Charlotte and London. Mr. Little has an MBA in Finance & International Business from New York University and a BA from Yale University. Learn more about Joe at his blog and Scrum Alliance profile.

Dan LeFebvre

Dan LeFebvre is the founder of DCL Agility, LLC, a provider of agile and Scrum coaching, training, and transition services. He is the first Certified Scrum Coach in New England with over twenty years in software product development as a developer, manager, director, and coach. He has been applying agile practices to successfully deliver products since 2003.

Dan spent two years as the internal agile coach for Kronos, a Boston-based software company, where he coordinated and implemented Scrum within the 700 person engineering organization across all sites including Massachusetts, Atlanta, Chicago, Oregon, Montreal, British Columbia, Belgium and India. This resulted in increased visibility into the development process and a reduction in defects by 60% in 18 months.

Dan’s Open Space Session:

Self-Organization and Transparency: Team Freedom or a Path to Micro-Management

With visible task boards, burncharts, and daily Scrums; the team has many tools to organize and manage themselves. But can management abuse these tools? Can it turn into a better way to micro-manage? We’ll talk about how to avoid these traps and truly lead the team to freedom at work.

John Buck

John Buck is the author of WE THE PEOPLE, the how-to handbook of Sociocracy. Sociocracy is a governance framework for organizations of all kinds. It contains many democratic characteristics and features. This framework distributes authority in a way that gets the best ideas on the table.

Much like Scrum, Sociocracy is a framework that optimizes on respect, openness, focus and commitment. Agile Boston uses Sociocracy for governance. You can learn more about Sociocracy here.

Ralph Fink

NOTE: Ralph is your AgileDay2011 Open Space Facilitator

Ralph is an Open Space facilitator who has studied under Harrison Owen and facilitated Open Space events for Agile Boston, Sikorsky Aircraft, and many commercial and non-profit organizations. Currently pursuing a Doctorate of Management in Organizational Leadership, Ralph is a Product Development Technical Lead at Sikorsky Aircraft. Ralph provides technical direction and development expertise for ground-based information systems and leads Agile adoption efforts at the company.

Ralph has 25 years of software development experience and is a distinguished graduate of Temple University (BSEE) and Drexel University (MSEE). Ralph’s interest are diverse and include attending Group Relations conferences as well as mountaineering seminars and events.

Ralph is an avid outdoorsman and hike leader for the Appalachian Mountain Club. Ralph holds a Wilderness First Aid certificate and is an expert in four-season backpacking. By being close to nature, Ralph believes in the development of the human potential.

Ralph is a member of the Agile Boston Leadership Circle.

D. Andre Dhondt

Andre is an highly skilled Agile Coach and community leader of AGILE PHILADELPHIA, and Agile community of practice. He leads Agile adoptions, providing guidance and coaching to teams and organizations seeking genuine Agile.

Andre spent time in Northern France delivering Agile coaching for several years, where his three children learned European culture.


Sally Elatta


Sally Elatta is president of Agile Transformation (AgileTraining.com), a company dedicated to helping organizations build lean high performing teams. She is a dynamic and popular speaker, coach and trainer who has passionately been working on the people side of transformation (Servant Leadership and Collaboration skills) in addition to the process side. Sally has taught thousands and coached dozens of teams at medium and large Fortune 500 organizations.She is the Agile Expert for PMI’s Learning and Education Community of Practice and is a frequent speaker at user groups and conferences.

Session: Servant Leadership…Transforming Out of Command-and-Control

Working to empower and serve the people you lead is the main concept behind Servant Leadership. Challenging them to go farther, reach higher, innovate and have fun doing it requires leadership skills that are beyond the traditional “Command and Control” style of management. Through this talk, we will dig deeper into the roots of command and control behaviour and share practical tips for beginning your self transformation – or perhaps help someone else? 🙂

Jay Vogt

Jay is a professional facilitator and author of the book RECHARGE YOUR TEAM, the book describing his Grounded Visioning framework. Jay conducts facilitated meetings all over the world. Jay W. Vogt is an organizational and human development consultant with over twenty-five years of experience working with government, nonprofit organizations, corporations, and small businesses. He founded Peoplesworth, a private practice in consulting, training, and counseling, in 1982. He holds a master’s degree in counseling from Antioch/New England and a B.A. from Hampshire College. Jay is an accomplished facilitator, mediator, trainer, management consultant and coach. He is a master at facilitating large groups, having led over one hundred events involving over ten thousand participants. You can learn much more about Jay at www.PeoplesWorth.com

SESSION: Grounded Visioning….Creating Shared Vision in Teams

This presentation introduces Grounded Visioning, a new methodology for creating creating shared vision in teams in two hours or less.  This method helps diverse team members come together and discover the common ground that unites them, and does so with remarkable speed.  The method is the featured subject of a 2009 book by Praeger entitled Recharge Your Team: The Grounded Visioning Approach.

Alex Armstrong


Alex Armstrong runs Programs and Business Development for Scrum.org. He works with Scrum Practitioners, Scrum Users, the Scrum Community, and Ken Schwaber, to improve the profession of software development by advancing the impact of Scrum worldwide.

Session: The Scrum Evolution

Scrum is closing in on its second decade. Much has changed in software development since Jeff and Ken first conceived of Scrum, and its formal definition has evolved in response. The latest update to the Scrum Guide was published on Scrum.org in July of 2011. This update makes many bold changes that give teams and organizations more freedom to do the work they want to do, in the way they want to do it. Those changes, and what they mean to teams, will be presented.

NOTE: Alex plans to present this session during the PM Open Space.

Brian Tarbox

Brian is an expert on Open Source software licensing.

He is a Distinguished Engineer at Motorola working in the Video On Demand and Systems Engineering space. He is the author of numerous publications including 5 articles in the Pragmatic Programmer’s series on agility in 2010.

Brian is the creator of the Log4JFugue open source project which earned a Dukes Choice award for innovation in 2010 and a Rock Star award in 2009. He is a member of Motorola’s Software Pedigree Review Board and its Agile Working Group.

Brian is the winner of the Atlassian 2010 Innovation Award for a presentation on integrating Jira, Perforce, Eclipse and Mylyn.

NOTE: Brian plan to convene sessions around Open Source topics at the Open Space.

Pat Arcady

Pat Arcady owns Arcady Mediation, a consulting practice committed to teaching small business leaders how to identify and effectively resolve difficult workplace conflicts that cost companies time, money, and productivity. As a former manager at Verizon, seasoned college administrator, and a trainer in the Nonviolent Communication system of conflict resolution, Pat is an expert in creating environments that foster high levels of productivity, collaboration and positive morale. As a speaker and trainer, she especially enjoys delivering interactive workshops designed to balance the challenge of new learning and personal growth with the support needed for taking risk.

Pat has a doctorate in Higher Education Administration, a certificate of completion for both the yearlong NVC Mediation Training program, and the 33 hour Dispute Resolution training at the Community Dispute Resolution Center in Cambridge, MA. Pat resides in Somerville, MA.

Session: Navigating Conflict With Integrity

In this 60-minute, interactive program, participants will practice key skills for navigating differences and conflicts at work.  Core principles of NVC (Nonviolent Communication) will be shared.  Participants are encouraged to bring their real life situations to the experience for practice.

NOTE: Pat shares her mediation and communication expertise and techniques during the afternoon Open Space event.

Jason Tanner

Jason has over 18 years of professional experience with software companies and the Marine Corps. His expertise spans Agile software product management, product marketing, business planning, and project management.

As general manager in his most recent position, Jason held responsibility for all aspects of an IT chargeback product including product management, product marketing, pre/post-sales support and training. His prior position with a startup software company included experience migrating from waterfall to Agile development methods.

Jason is an active member of the Agile User Group in Research Triangle Park, the Triangle Product Management Association in Raleigh, NC and the North Carolina Council for Entrepreneurial Development. He frequently speaks for the Product Management View webinar series, at user group meetings and for the Atlanta Agile Project Leadership Network.

Jason is a certified Innovation Games facilitator. He holds a BS degree in mechanical and aeronautical engineering from Cornell University and a MBA with a concentration in entrepreneurship from Duke University.

Sessions: Jason is a highly experienced Agile Coach. He plans to present sessions and convene Open Space sessions on

a) Collaborative games for teams and problem solving,

b) Freedom at work based on leader’s intent and mission statements, and

c) Agile coaching.

Beth Macy

Beth Heather Macy, president of BHM Consulting, Inc., is a certified Scrum Master, certified Scrum Professional and Six Sigma Green Belt certified. Clients include Shutterstock, Football Fanatics, Healthcare Source, the WashingtonPost, Escher Group, Northeastern University, Lotus Development Corporation, Apple Computer, and IBM. She is highly skilled at mentoring and training others in Agile, and Scrum and effective product development techniques.

Session: The Psychology of Authentic Scrum

Scrum is a holistic process that consists of the mechanics, the teams, and the underlying philosophy of the framework. Scrum works, in part, because it is based on solid psychological theory about motivating individuals and groups. Knowing the psychology behind Scrum helps Scrum professionals be more effective in implementing it. This presentation covers Scrum values, the holistic nature of process, and a wide view of different psychological theories and research and how they apply to Scrum. By exploring the power of groups, group development stages and even Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, among other theories, we can see the true power of Scrum.

Don Blair

Don BlairWith a passion for building high-energy, high-performance teams, Don led the adoption of agile for a pilot project with 40 developers at Cisco Systems.   Following the successful completion of the project, he worked with the leadership team in extending agile to the entire business unit spanning 6 products, 30 scrum teams and 200 engineers. Business grew by 28% and customer satisfaction reached an all-time high during this time, even while employee morale rose 10% as measured by an annual corporate employee survey.  Inspired to use his talents to benefit the larger Boston business community, Don now works as an independent agile trainer and coach, and is also a member of the Agile Boston Leadership Circle.

LinkedIn Profile:


Session: Successful Agile in the Enterprise
Agile can be exciting, energizing, and make for great results. But how can this really work back home at U.S.A. Corp?  How to prevent the grind of work from sinking us back into our oh-so-familiar malaise?  What if our manager is Darth Vader in a suit?  What if our company promotes death by 1,000 processes? Can the seeds of agile really take hold, and grow into a healthy, thriving organization?   Bring your success stories and challenges, as we learn together how to produce successful agile in the enterprise.

Dan Mezick


Dan is an adviser and coach to Agile teams and executive leaders, showing them exactly how to create learning to create great results. He teaches that genuine disclosure always encourages authentic greatness in teams, tribes and entire organizations. His forthcoming book Tribal Learning is a manifesto and a how-to manual, for managers who seek great results for their people. His Agile coaching and executive coaching clients include Zappos, Orpheus Orchestra, CIGNA Insurance, Siemens Healthcare, the US Navy, and dozens of smaller organizations around New England and New York City. Dan is the founder of Agile Boston and a member of the Agile Boston Leadership Circle.

Dan Mezick Session: Scaling Agile from Teams to Tribes

Scaling Agile beyond teams has proven elusive. Meanwhile, 16 habits have emerged from Agile practice that create rapid learning, regardless of your type of work or level of Agility. These habits include examining your norms, facilitating your meetings, getting coached, and being punctual, to name a few.

Attend this session to examine the Tribal Learning framework, an simple procedure for scaling Agile to the next level, from teams to tribes. Tribes are groups of 20 to 150 people. Small companies are tribes; larger enterprises are a tribe of tribes. Come and learn how to leverage your informal network inside your organization to rapidly scale Agile out of IT and into departments like Marketing, Sales and Finance. Learn how to use a triad, a very strong 3-person structure, to socialize Agile throughout your organization. You exit this session ready to scale Agile inside your organization.




You can expect a FULL DAY of learning with :

Great sessions, LUNCH, an in-depth Open Space, and a

really great PARTY….with lots of fun … and GAMES …. and food !

Here is the LOCATION:

SEPTEMBER 29, 2011

Four Points Sheraton, Norwood Ma



REGISTER HERE to reserve a space!

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(NOTE: This event is good for 8 PDUs from PMI, if you are a PMP)


Please consider the generous sponsors of Agile Boston AgileDay2011:


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0900am Keynote (40 mins) : Richard Sheridan, CEO Menlo Innovations, on: THE BUSINESS VALUE OF JOY 

0945am Session (20 mins) David Hussman on: Coaching Real Agility

1015am Session (20 mins) Linda Rising         on: What Research Says About the Agile Mindset

1045am Break   (10 mins)

Breakout Room A (Left Side)

1100am Session (20 mins) Traci Fenton on: Freedom At Work: From Fear-based to Freedom-Centered Agile Organizations

1120am Session (20 mins) Bob Gower     on: Happiness as Key Performance Indicator

1140am Session (20 mins) Dan Mezick    on: Scaling Agile Learning from Teams to Tribes

Breakout Room B (Right Side)

1100am Session (20 mins) Michele/Jim McCarthy on: A Golden Era of Technological Culture? (Part1)

1120am Session (20 mins) Michele/Jim McCarthy on: A Golden Era of Technological Culture? (Part2)

1140am Quick   (10 mins) Jay Vogt                                on: Creating a Shared Vision in 4 hours or Less

1150am Quick   (10 mins) Sally Elatta                           on: Servant Leadership for Scrum Masters


0100 Open Space Opening Circle . Facilitator: RALPH FINK

(New to Open Space? Learn more here)

0145 Open Space Session 1 (up to 12 sessions)

0245 Open Space Session 2 (up to 12 sessions)

0345 Open Space Session 3 (up to 12 sessions)

0445 Open Space Closing Circle

0530 AGILEDAY2011/BOSTON **RECEPTION/PARTY** Food..fun..games

0730 DONE


AM: A great keynote and great breakouts in the morning !! New to short-format Pecha Kucha sessions? Learn more on Pecha Kucha via this link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pecha_Kucha

LUNCH: You can expect a truly great lunch with our compliments !

PM: OPEN SPACE after Lunch…this promises to be an AMAZING Open Space, the largest ever in Boston. NOTE: This open space features FULL PROCEEDINGS upon conclusion of the event !! New to Open Space? Great !! You are in for a very GOOD TIME…learn more HERE

EVENT RECEPTION at 530PM: Plenty of FOOD and beer/wine, fun activities, good music, socializing and activities and amusing games….NOTE: be prepared to be surprised. We are not kidding about putting on a VERY good party here.


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(NOTE: This event is good for 8 PDUs from PMI, if you are a PMP)



Pricing is simple: it is an designed to be an excellent value. Prices started at $59. If we had a free venue (for example, the Microsoft NERD Center in Cambridge) we could charge from $39 to $59. However the NERD Center cannot handle this many people so we need to pay for a hotel.

So here is what we did: we priced the tickets from $59 to $159, rewarding those who commit before others decide. At each price, a fixed number of tickets are available. When they are gone at that price, they are GONE and the next-higher price is in play. Some people opted-in first, and bought tickets for a mere $59 bucks; the current price is $99. This event includes food at the AM and PM breaks, a great lunch, and the event reception following.

What you pay is up to you. This pricing policy rewards your willingness to buy a ticket before others do, and signals your high confidence in Agile Boston by acting first.

If you have EVER attended an Agile Boston 1-day conference event, you KNOW exactly what to expect: High quality Agile learning and a very GOOD TIME.

Register now, beat the crowd, and save up to SIXTY BUCKS on your ticket

Once tickets are gone, they are GONE at that price. Prices rise little by little as tickets are sold….


REGISTER HERE to reserve a space!

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(NOTE: This event is good for 8 PDUs from PMI, if you are a PMP)


You know what to do !

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