Agile Boston CASH IN BANK

Cash In Bank as of: 4/24/15

We have $10,761 cash in the bank. Yes, that’s right: TEN THOUSAND SEVEN HUNDRED SIXTY-ONE. Here is how we got there:

In 2014, we had about $5000 in cash going into GIVE THANKS FOR SCRUM…
At the GIVE THANKS FOR SCRUM event, we netted about $5000 after paying for everything.
Remember, we got a FREE VENUE so we were able to keep the tickets prices around $100 each. Some folks paid just $59 forĀ  seat !!

Here is the rundown on income and expense so far in 2015:

$10,200 Starting balance
$03,237 Annual Sponsorships
$00,408 Education Revenue Share (we make a little on classes we promote)

$0099 Refunds
$1565 Food for monthly meetings so far (2015)
$0500 Purchase of URLs .net, .org
$0200 Use of BASECAMP for the year- for organizing
$0360 Use of MAILCHIMP for the year- for sending emails and managing list
$0360 Web site monthly cost

NET:13845-3084= BALANCE….

Our philosophy on money is as follows:

  • The money belongs to the community.
  • We are not supposed to be sitting on a huge amount of cash.
  • Doing that does not serve the community.
  • Instead, we keep enough to cover expenses and underwrite larger conference events.
  • We are supposed to creatively deploy this money in service to the Agile community of Greater Boston.
  • We are to be good stewards, and spend the money wisely.

The Core Circle (leadership team) has created policy that allows us to report the cash balance every single month.
This is the new web page for reporting this information.