Sponsorship of Agile Connecticut gets your organization real exposure in front of our very engaged members.

The hundreds of Agile Connecticut members on our mailing list are keenly interested in agile practices and are busy actually implementing Agile in the workplace.

A very high percentage of the members have real decision-making authority in their IT organizations.

Typical meeting attendance is in the range of 30 to 50 members.


  1. Display Your Logo on the Agile-CT web site:
    1. Your logo appears on the main page of the Agile Connecticut web
  2. Display Your Logo on Promotional Mailings:
    1. Logo on monthly mailing that promote the upcoming events
  3. Actively Promote Your Business At Every Meeting:
    1. Authorization to display collateral at monthly meetings
  4. Address the Group with Direct Exposure At Every Meeting:
    1. You get a few moments to present your company at every meeting
  5. Get Preference and Discounts on Sponsorship of Larger Conference Events from Agile Connecticut:
    1. As a sponsor of Agile Connecticut, you are first to learn about our larger events and the wider opportunity to sponsor them– at a discount. You also receive a complimentary ticket to each conference event we offer.


Contact Us to discuss Agile Connecticut (CT) sponsorship opportunities.

Ground Rules

1. Sponsor logos are presented on the web and in promo-emails in the order that sponsors have signed up. If a sponsor ahead of you does not renew, you move up.

2. We have a single sponsorship level which is ANNUAL. Renewals occur at the end of the year for the year coming up. If you sign up after that, your cost is pro-rated for that calendar year. We do not currently offer per-meeting sponsorship and annual (per-year) is the single sponsorship level that we currently offer.

3. Sponsors are the only people authorized to display promotional sales literature and collateral at Agile-CT meetings and events.

Contact Us to discuss Agile Connecticut (CT) sponsorship opportunities.