About AgileCT

About Agile CT

Agile CT is a lively user group focused on advancing the spread of Agile knowledge and applied practices in the Connecticut region.

We are connected with the Agile Boston group. A lot of the CT folks go up to Boston for the larger events held there from time to time.

We meet once a month. Once or twice a year we do larger events.

How to Attend a Meeting

1. Meetings are free. Be careful through– do not sign up for a meeting unless you intend to attend.  Meeting pages have a registration link. NOTE: Some upcoming meetings are classes, most of which have a fee.

2. Sign up. Show up!

How to Get on the Mailing List

If you attend an event, you get on the mailing list automatically. To opt-in to receive emails without attending an event, you can get on the mailing list here.

How to Volunteer to Help

Volunteering is a leadership activity. When you volunteer, you are leading by serving the people who attend the event. You need to be ready to WORK the meetings and events, so the people you are serving, the attendees, have a great time. Interested? Send us an email about volunteering.

The History

We started life early in the Fall of 2006. Daniel Mezick started the group and it was, um… slow in getting traction. So he headed up to Boston and started Agile Boston.

That went pretty well !

Then after a while things started to perk up in Connecticut and here we are.

Present Day

We run monthly meetings, and now we run larger conference-type events in CT like we do in MA. We bring in the tribal elders of Agile, like Jeff Sutherland and Ken Schwaber, as well as lesser-known, up-and-coming, edgy speakers with something to say.

We are actively taking steps to raise the level of agility in Connecticut. Please join us !


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