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OpenSpace Agility (OSA) is a repeatable technique for getting a rapid and lasting Agile adoption. It works with what you are currently doing, and can be added at any time.




For executive leaders, OSA is a template that operationalizes the core values of Lean, namely: respect for people, and continuous improvement. For executives who are truly committed to these values, OSA represents a way forward.

OpenSpaceAgility incorporates the power of invitation, Open Space, game mechanics, passage rites, storytelling and moreā€¦so your Agile adoption can actually take root. OSA is based on people, THEN practices. You can use any practice or framework with OSA: Scrum, Kanban, DaD, SAFe, LeSS, and more.

The link below sends you to the OpenSpace Agility web site. There you can learn all about this method.


OpenSpace Agility

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