Extend Agile Beyond Software with The BUSINESS AGILITY Workshop

THE BUSINESS AGILITY WORKSHOP is leadership training. It teaches your leaders how to shift your culture in just 90 days…

It includes 24 hours of direct executive coaching and enterprise consulting AFTER the class. This feature ensures that you gain confidence and competency as you leverage the tools from THE BUSINESS AGILITY Workshop. Business agility expert  Daniel Mezick is your facilitator. Daniel is the teacher and executive coach who is acknowledged worldwide as the expert on how to achieve rapid and lasting business agility at scale. His clients include ADOBE, Intuit, G.E. and dozens of smaller organizations. Daniel is the author of 3 books on the subject of business agility at scale. Daniel teaches his methods as an invited keynote speaker at Agile and digital transformation conferences throughout the world.

His books include:

  • The Culture Game (link)
  • The OpenSpace Agility Handbook (link)
  • Inviting Leadership (link)

NOTE: This workshop is not available as a public class but rather ONLY as a private, company-specific event that is guaranteed to SHIFT your culture in the direction of higher performance.

This highly experiential workshop is customized to the exact requirements of your group and situation.

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How it Works:

  • You invite 40 or more leaders and influencers from your company to participate, for 2 full days
  • Top leadership authorizes the event, and they are fully present in the room, attending as Workshop participants
  • You and your key people engage in a highly experiential, learn-by-doing experience where new leadership skills are conveyed
  • Your key people exit the Workshop with a game plan and the tools, experience, know-how they need to safely, pragmatically and immediately improve results
  • This complete package includes leadership coaching. After the Workshop, your executive coach Daniel Mezick works immediately with your formal and informal leaders. He works with them as they operationalize the methods, tools and practices experienced in the BUSINESS AGILITY workshop.


What’s Included:


Everything you need is here.


The BUSINESS AGILITY WORKSHOP is a complete and comprehensive package of services, for extending Agile ideas beyond software.


You exit this experience with a plan for the next 90 days. The BUSINESS AGILITY includes pre-event preparation, coaching, delivery, and followup consulting after the event.


Outcomes and Learning Objectives:

This Workshop facilitates higher performance in your organization.

Formally authorized leaders and key influencers can expect to achieve the following objectives: 

  • Your leadership team is ready for Agile and digital transformation. The entire leadership team is prepared for what is about to happen, and READY to lead the entire organization through a challenging and rewarding transition to higher performance
  • Your leadership team understands how to reduce the consulting spend on the transformation by as much as 70% by leveraging the power of employee engagement
  • You know how to use the specific new tools from the Workshop to focus your group on higher performance.
  • You understand the power of invitation as a primary method of achieving higher levels of employee engagement as a leader
  • You know how to use 3 specific measures to track your progress in the direction of higher performance.
  • You understand the key relationships by and between  authority, power, invitation, employee engagement, and much higher organizational performance.
  • You know how to begin actively working with your superiors, peers and direct reports to create much higher levels of organizational performance.
  • As a leadership group, you will
    • Exit the Workshop with a dozen new and specific tools for effectively encouraging higher performance and engagement
    • Have a plan for creating higher performance in the organization
    • Have access to up to 24 hours of consulting for 90 days AFTER The Workshop



The BUSINESS AGILITY Workshop is  a complete and comprehensive package of business agility teaching and experiential learning for business leaders, for extending Agile ideas beyond software.

The BUSINESS AGILITY Workshop includes everything:  pre-event preparation, whole-group coaching, delivery, and followup consulting with your leadership group after the event.



The BUSINESS AGILITY Workshop  includes specific teachings from Daniel Mezick’s books on enterprise business agility: 

  • The OpenSpace Agility Handbook
  • The Culture Game
  • Inviting Leadership


OpenSpace Agility Explained (link)
The OpenSpace Agility handbook (link)

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The BUSINESS AGILITY Workshop helps you extend Agile ideas, across your whole organization, beyond software.

This package  includes:

  • Extensive pre-work and preparation ahead of the event, with sponsoring executives
  • Two full days of deeply experiential learning for your leaders and key influencers
  • 20 hours of practical followup coaching and consulting, after the experience



About Your Facilitator

DanMezick_CC_2-281x300DANIEL MEZICK is an author, enterprise Agile coach, educator, and keynote speaker. Coaching organizations in culture change since 2007, Daniel’s list of clients includes Capital One, INTUIT, CIGNA, SIEMENS Healthcare, Pitney Bowes, Harvard University, and dozens of mid-sized and smaller enterprises.

Daniel is the primary author of the OPEN SPACE AGILITY HANDBOOK and the formulator of OpenSpace Agility. OpenSpace Agility is a proven and repeatable method for introducing genuine and lasting change in your organization. Daniel’s culture tools, change-management techniques and enterprise consulting practice are all based upon the core ideas found in this repeatable step-by-step method.

In his pioneering book,  THE CULTURE GAME, he describes 16 specific patterns that leaders can pick from to immediately extend Agile ideas… across the enterprise… beyond software. This tutorial and reference guide describes very a specific program for quickly introducing these proven patterns. THE CULTURE GAME is based on five years of experience coaching 119 Agile teams across 25 different organizations.

You can learn more, and contact Daniel, at www.DanielMezick.com.




Is the BUSINESS AGILITY WORKSHOP right for your enterprise?

Find out here:

This workshop is ideal for your organization at this time, IF you are in one or more of these situations:

  1. You are a new Chief Information Officer, CTO or CEO. Part of your charter is to make improvements.
  2. Your “Agile transformation” or other “big change program” has peaked, and is starting to decay, and revert back to a previous state. There are issues!
  3. Your leaders recognize that consultants cannot really help you. They realize that the organization itself is responsible for creating and sustaining a culture of continuous improvement.
  4. Your top leaders recognize that CULTURE is a major and important task for all executives (and the entire organization) to be working on continuously.
  5. Your leaders now recognize that culture can be used as an effective tool to outplay and outsmart the competitors in your industry.
  6. Your company has been acquired, and you are now combining the culture of two or more organizations
  7. Your recent and ongoing implementation of “Agile methods” is having problems. Your “Agile transformation” is not really happening. The support is not really widespread, and some leaders and teams are questioning the entire process. Many participants are in favor of returning to the old way of doing things.
  8. Your company has purchased another, smaller firm and you want to accelerate the transition to “one company” and shift into high-performance
  9. Your organization is successful, and your culture has suffered as a result. There is no urgency. Your currently healthy revenue-stream is masking the problems that need to be addressed to take your organization to the next level.




Are you looking to UPGRADE the culture in your organization? Use meetings as a leverage point for changing the culture in your organization. The BUSINESS AGILITY Workshop shows you how.

The Culture Game is the astonishing book that explains 16 specific patterns of group behavior that result in nearly-automatic acceleration of team and organizational learning.

Meetings are major pain points. When is the last time you were in a really fun, satisfying and highly productive meeting?

Rapid group learning results in higher productivity. Where does this new productivity level come from?

Higher productivity comes from rapidly identifying change and responding to it. The BUSINESS AGILITY Workshop teaches your leaders how to do exactly that.



Check out this article on how the techniques described in The Culture Game can deliver up to TEN TIMES the meeting productivity you are getting now:

As seen on CBSNEWS:

How to Make Your Meetings Hyper-Productive and FUN

From the article:

Your meetings will transform from slow marches in the snow without food or water into hyper-productive sessions in which — are you sitting down? — people love the process and can’t wait for the next session. At Robert’s suggestion, our CultureSync team invited Daniel Mezick to put us through a [Culture Game workshop]. The result: We got more done in two days than in two months. People who normally hate meetings (I’m raising my hand here) were almost speechless with how productive and fun they were.

-Dave Logan, Author of NYT Bestseller TRIBAL LEADERSHIP


What You Will Learn:

  • How to get good agreements
  • How to transform your meetings from soul-sucking death marches to highly productive, satisfying and enjoyable group learning events
  • How to inject team-learning practices into your meetings
  • How to create a culture of organizational learning
  • How to socialize team-learning ideas throughout your company
  • How to create the ability to rapidly identify and respond to change
  • How to transform your culture by changing the way you plan, convene and execute meetings.

During part of the The BUSINESS AGILITY Workshop we teach your people how to use the 16 specific techniques described in The Culture Game book:

  • Be Purposeful
  • Facilitate Your Meetings
  • Examine Your Norms
  • Be Punctual
  • Structure Your Interactions
  • Announce Your Intent
  • Game Your Meetings
  • Conduct Frequent Experiments
  • Manage Visually
  • Inspect Frequently
  • Get Coached
  • Manage Your Boundaries
  • Socialize Books
  • Pay Explicit Attention
  • Open The Space
  • Be Playful



NOTE: This workshop is not available as a public class but rather ONLY as a private, company-specific event that is guaranteed to SHIFT your culture in the direction of higher performance.

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