Coaching Team Greatness

Teamwork coaching is coaching in respect, communication, disclosure and engagement. Our Agile coaches teach these essentials. We can help your teams become great.

Teamwork is a function of shared understandings. NewTech’s coaches facilitate team greatness by developing an awareness of  these shared understandings.

When you engage us, we go to work helping your teams understand these concepts. Once they do, they “get it” and the result is much better teamwork.

We subscribe to the ideas of Jim and Michele McCarthy, the authors of a teamwork technology known as the Core Protocols. These are interaction guidelines that help manifest greatness in teams. Click here to learn more.

What is the first commitment a team member must make? Simple: “To know and disclose what I want, what I think and what I feel.” Don’t worry if your organization currently operates differently. Your teams can be great regardless.

We show you how.

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