Agile Beyond Software

How do we apply Agile principle and practices across the whole business…BEYOND SOFTWARE? This 1-day workshop teaches you exactly how to do it. This short course is taught by an expert executive and Agile coach: Daniel Mezick 


Agile BEYOND SOFTWARE Course Overview

Agile ideas from software development are very useful. How exactly can we apply these ideas BEYOND SOFTWARE to include sales, marketing, finance, executive leadership…the whole organization? This course answers that question. You exit this course ready to apply Agile ideas BEYOND software, so that every part of the business can thrive by using these principles and practices.

This is a 1-day experiential workshop is offered in 2 formats: online, and as a classroom experience.



Who Should Attend

The Agile Beyond Software course is best for:

  • Executives who want to put the whole organization on an Agile footing
  • Director-level leaders who want to apply Agile ideas to their departments and divisions
  • Managers and project managers who currently direct the work of teams
  • Team members who want to improve throughput and results



About Your Instructor: DANIEL MEZICK

Daniel Mezick INFOQDANIEL MEZICK is an author, enterprise Agile coach, and keynote speaker. Coaching executives and teams in Agile principles and practices since 2007, Daniel’s client list includes Capital One, INTUIT, CIGNA, SIEMENS Healthcare, Pitney Bowes, Harvard University, and many smaller enterprises.

He is the primary author of the OPEN SPACE AGILITY HANDBOOK and the formulator of OpenSpace Agility, a technique for bringing rapid and lasting culture change to any organization. He pioneered the idea of culture as a cooperative game, and the idea that the most successful culture-change programs are in fact structured as inviting and engaging games. His culture tools, culture-change techniques and enterprise consulting practice are based upon these core ideas.

His pioneering book  THE CULTURE GAME  describes sixteen specific patterns for quickly applying the core Agile ideas beyond software. This book provides A-B-C guidance on how to quickly implement these patterns.

THE CULTURE GAME is based on five years of experience coaching 119 Agile teams across 25 different organizations.

You can learn more about your instructor Daniel Mezick by visiting



Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 10.34.34 AMThe AGILE BEYOND SOFTWARE course materials include a set of printed workbook materials and the 200-page book THE CULTURE GAME, written by the instructor. The book provides the core concepts while the printed materials provide a workbook and A-B-C guidance on exactly how to apply these concepts in your organization…BEYOND SOFTWARE.

The AGILE BEYOND SOFTWARE course is a complete program of instruction that prepares you to actually implement Agile principles and practices across your entire business…beyond software.


Every Student Receives:

  • Student materials including including forms, checklists, Agile-practice instructions, and THE CULTURE GAME book
  • The entire 1-day seminar
  • Thirty days of support by email after the class.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to apply Agile process and practices to sales, marketing, operations, finance and executive leadership
  • When and how to use Scrum, or a Scrum-like process
  • Three simple things you can do tomorrow to put your entire business on an Agile footing
  • How to apply Agile ideas to tune-up and tighten your meetings
  • When and how to use Kanban and work-flow visualization to increase the flow of value
  • When and how to use facilitation, and iteration, across your entire organization
  • What Lean is, how it informs Agile practices, and how you can use it to apply Agile beyond software


During this Course, we also cover these essential topics:

  • How to get good agreements
  • How to transform your meetings from soul-sucking death marches… to highly productive, satisfying and enjoyable group learning events
  • How to inject team-learning practices into your meetings
  • How to create a culture of organizational learning
  • How to socialize team-learning ideas throughout your company
  • How to create the ability to rapidly identify and respond to change
  • How to transform your culture by changing the way you plan, convene and execute meetings.


This course is a package, has everything you need:

An experienced instructor, the right topics, interactive dialogue, small class size. The right takeaway materials…. and 30 days of support after the class.


About the ONLINE course

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 1.10.04 PM

  • This is an instructor-led, LIVE VIDEO course, online.
  • Not pre-recorded! One instructor, 10 students over LIVE VIDEO
  • The course is limited to just 10 participating
  • There is a lot of 1-to-1 connection, interaction and exercises

When you sign up for the online version of this course, you are making a commitment to the course and the community-of-10 participating. You are signing up for two (2) three-hour modules over two weekdays.



The next class is ONLINE, and starts April 11. You can learn more and REGISTER HERE.



Do you want to bring this course onsite? CONTACT US.

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 2.34.15 PMNOTE: This course is offered online, and as a much deeper, much more in-depth, fully-experiential onsite class, for up to 40 people.

This whole-group, experiential-learning event is called THE CULTURE GAME WORKSHOP.

Interested in that? Learn more here.