Open Agile Adoption Theory & Components

Open Agile Adoption is a repeatable technique for getting a rapid and lasting Agile adoption. It works with what you are currently doing, and can be added at any time. It incorporates the power of invitation, Open Space, game mechanics, passage rites, storytelling and more…so your Agile adoption can actually take root.

The Open Agile Adoption technique is grounded in cultural anthropology, sociology and the psychology of games.

Here are some of the foundations of the Open Agile Adoption approach:

Open Agile Adoption Theory

SpiritRegarding the book, SPIRIT: The Open Agile Adoption technique is inspired by the book SPIRIT, written by Harrison Owen. Let me be very clear: this is a very amazing book. This book first published in 1986, and is now available as a free PDF download.


MandatesRegarding Agile Mandates : Mandates reduce engagement, the very fuel of rapid and lasting Agile adoptions. Invitation is a far better approach and aligns with the Agile Manifesto’s core principles.


LiminalityRegarding Liminality : The liminal state is a state of stressful limbo and uncomfortable transition. It causes worry and stress. It associates with a low sense of control and progress. It is associates with all kinds of trouble. Agile adoptions create liminality.


Passage RiteRegarding Passage Rites: Transitions are tough, and serve as a kind of bridge from here to there. Real Agile adoptions are huge transitions that always create a lot of new learning. And stressful liminality. Rites of passage can help.


CommunitasRegarding Communitas: Agile adoptions thrive on strong feelings of communitas. Communitas is “the spirit of community”. When the spirit of community is “up”, the space is open, and the feeling of communitas is strong. When the spirit of community is “down”, the space is closed, and the communitas is weak.


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