Make Meetings Optional



This is a movement.


If you found this page,

you are in fact part of it:



Make Meetings Optional.




Taking this one step will help to shift your culture:

There is no budget to ask for…

There is no need to ask for permission…

And the results are immediate.

It all started in 2011…


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The formalization of

the Make Meetings Optional idea

started in 2011, with the publication of



That 2011 book introduced

the Make Meetings Optional idea, formally,

in the chapter entitled Game Your Meetings.





Since then,

the Make Meetings Optional idea has spread.

Lots of people are now DOING IT.

Stop: Watch this 2-minute video right now:



This Actually Works.

Lots of people are now DOING THIS.

But Wait.

How EXACTLY Does it Work?

Here is HOW:


…When people are making decisions,

they are more engaged.

Opting in or out is a decision…



…Engagement is the secret sauce.

Forcing meeting attendance kills engagement,

by reducing options and the need to decide…



…Those who choose to participate,

tend to have a sense of real passion,

and real responsibility,

around the meeting topic.

Those who choose to participate are ACTIVELY engaged.



Wait. What if no one attends my meeting?



Typical objections include:

…What if no one attends my meeting?

…How will we make decisions if decision-makers are not present?

…We have never done it this way. Why start now?

These questions are answered in the 2-minute video.

Please check it out!



Also be sure to check out

THE CULTURE GAME Book & Workshop:  


16 simple habits

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your organization!


If you want to improve your culture in service to improving results, the first place to start is to make meetings optional. You can start right here.

Make Meetings Optional is actually part of wider idea. That wider idea is that your culture is a game. And your meetings are games. And if you start by gaming your meetings, you can in fact tune up and improve your wider culture through the practice of Make Meetings Optional.


This concept is more fully explained in THE CULTURE GAME book.



Wait. Want to start right now?

You can learn more here:


The Culture Game WORKSHOP (link)

Make Meetings Optional: On Medium (link)

Make Meetings Optional: Optional is Beautiful (link)

Make Meetings Optional: The Culture Game book (link)

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