Core Values

Every organization operates from a set of values.  Often, these values are implied, meaning they are not explicitly stated. These implicit values are evident in overall behaviors.  If you watch the behaviors, you can identify what is valued-in-fact. At NewTech we strive to exemplify our core values in our services and interactions.

NewTech Core Values

Be of Service to Others
Service to others is a teachable behavior and an attribute of genuine greatness in individuals, teams and organizations.

Be Purposeful in Every Action
Aligning actions with a clear purpose serves everyone, reduces stress, and creates the potential for great results.

Create Great Results
Effort is profoundly overrated; seek in all ways to efficiently manifest greatness in all of your results.

Create Healthy Relationships with Respect
Personal self-care and genuine concern for the dignity of others is fundamental to great relationships, shared understandings and the creation of a healthy community.

Encourage Openness to Increase Learning and Communication
Consider every idea, regardless of the source; share your best thinking with others to increase collaboration and the potential for great results.

Express Yourself with Integrated Honesty
Speak your truth; disclose how you think and feel. Develop the skills and courage to express your truth as you understand it in every situation; use these skills to courageously model virtue in interactions you have with others.

Create Fun by Being Passionate
Devote all your energy to the task and immerse yourself in it; be passionate and determined to enjoy all that you do, individually and with teams.  If this is not possible, exit the situation.

Attain and Maintain Focus
Concentrate all of your attention on the task at hand; recognize that focus is an essential ingredient in the creation of truly great results.

Deliver on Commitments
Intentionally bind yourself to a course of action, individually and with teams. Take commitments seriously, and take on commitments only after careful consideration.

Be Courageous
Habitually execute in the face of fear, regardless of how uncomfortable it feels.

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