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OFFICE HOURS concall for Q&A on The Culture Game Book

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Starting in May 2013, you can get direct real-time answers to your questions about implementing the patterns and practices in THE CULTURE GAME book. Every week, you can now hop on a 'Office Hours' conference call where I will take questions, provide guidance, and help you use the book in a bigger way. Perhaps most importantly, you'll also hear directly ...

Culture Hacking, Organizational Permaculture & Kanban

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I explained to you in a previous post how Kanban supports 12 of the 16 Tribal (team) Learning Patterns [1] found in The Culture Game Book [2]. That post also contains a link to an interesting post that connects Kanban to the Agile Manifesto's 12 Principles. Culture Hacking, Permaculture and Kanban This post identifies an agricultural technique (actually an agricultural-sustainability hack) ...

Kanban and Tribal Learning

August 26, 2012  |   Posted by :   |   Agile,Greatness in Organizations,Kanban,The Culture Game,Tribal Learning   |   Comments Off on Kanban and Tribal Learning»

The book THE CULTURE GAME names 16 patterns of learning and describes a means to socialize them throughout your organization. These are called the Tribal Learning patterns in the book. One of these patterns is [Manage Visually]. The book devotes an entire chapter to this powerful learning device. Kanban is referred to frequently in this chapter. Kanban is more than ...

Cognitive Recycling

June 17, 2012  |   Posted by :   |   Agile,Agile Coaching,Organizational PermaCulture,Tribal Learning   |   Comments Off on Cognitive Recycling»

I teach #Agile teams that when gathering requirements, it's best to intentionally leverage the "back of mind" of all the participants. This is what I call a cognitive leverage point in team learning. To make use of this, you must restructure your meetings, to leverage the unconscious....the back of the mind. works like this: We have all participated in long, soul-sucking ...

The Intentional Learning Organization

June 12, 2012  |   Posted by :   |   Agile,Building a World,Culture Hacking,Greatness in Organizations,Self-Management,The Culture Game,Tribal Learning   |   Comments Off on The Intentional Learning Organization»

There is absolutely nothing automatic where group learning is concerned. As a group, we either intend it, or we don't. Look no further than the current (low) learning levels of typical groups: teams and organizations; and local, state and federal government. Look no further than how nations act and behave with respect to learning. If learning in groups was automatic, we would ...

Keith Ray: Thought Pioneer

June 12, 2012  |   Posted by :   |   Agile,Building a World,Culture Hacking,Great People,Greatness in Organizations,The Culture Game,Tribal Learning   |   Comments Off on Keith Ray: Thought Pioneer»

The following is printed with permission from Keith Ray. It originally appeared here. The post is preserved here in unadulterated form. In this post he makes certain assertions that start to link Agile practices with the ability to manifest a Learning Organization. This is a great read.     Quotes: Continuous Learning. I've always said that XP requires a Learning Organization, and ...

Pioneers in Thought Leadership

June 12, 2012  |   Posted by :   |   Agile,Culture Hacking,Great People,The Culture Game,Tribal Learning   |   Comments Off on Pioneers in Thought Leadership»

I am actively looking for people who have been linking Agile to the Learning Organization concept before 2012. Specifically, I am looking for folks who have written anything in books, papers and blog posts predating 2012, that explain how Agile practices are actually the A-B-C steps to building a small Learning Organization that we ...

Agile Implements a Learning Organization

June 11, 2012  |   Posted by :   |   Agile,The Culture Game,Tribal Learning   |   Comments Off on Agile Implements a Learning Organization»

Senge wrote a description of "the Learning Organization" in his 1990 book, THE FIFTH DISCIPLINE. That book and subsequent books by him and others made it obvious: Manifesting a Learning Organization is far more difficult than describing one.  (The Culture Game book, page 23) In my book The Culture Game, I explain the following: 1. The software development environment is a complex ...

Agile: Gateway Drug to the Learning Organization

This post is how Agile is really just a gateway drug than can lead to a hard-core habit of Organizational Learning. However, that progression from merely 'playing Agile'¬† to becoming a full-blown Learning Organization is by no means guaranteed.   In 1990-1991, Peter Senge wrote a book called THE FIFTH DISCIPLINE. In that book he describes the 5 characteristics of a '

Mandated Collaboration: The Recipe for Botched Agile Adoptions

Here is a sure-fire way to virtually guarantee a failed adoption of agile or Scrum: Simply have an authority figure, preferably the CEO, announce with great fanfare to the entire organization  that we are "going agile". To really make sure you definitely create a colossal train wreck of truly epic proportions, be sure to specify a hard date, the date when the ...

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