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The “Command and Control” Military Gets Agile

June 17, 2010  |   Posted by :   |   Agile   |   1 Comment»

Agility is a term that is gaining traction in some very unusual places. The military is suddenly taking Agility (big "A") very seriously. The military defines Agility as "the ability to successfully respond to change". The term "command and control" is used so commonly in the military that is abbreviated to "C2" in common usage. There is also a

Scrum Structure for Distributed, non-IT, Volunteer Efforts

June 03, 2010  |   Posted by :   |   Scrum   |   0 Comment»

Copyright (c) 2009-2010 Dan Mezick. All Rights Reserved. Background Work is increasing distributed; Scrum can be adapted to fit. Some projects have these characteristics: 1. Distributed globally; it is unrealistic to assume that the people involved can get face-to-face time 2. Volunteers populate the leadership and teams 3. The work may not be related to IT or Software 4. The work has fuzzy requirements that are ...

BART Checkup for Teams

This note provides a set of diagnostic questions with respect to observed BART (boundary, authority, role and task) properties on an agile team. I believe if enough agile/Scrum community leaders and members pay attention to BART analysis, the agile/Scrum work is advanced. Specifically, BART analysis can help discover: 1. Important differences between stated and actual ground rules used by the team; 2. informal ...

Scrum, BART and Group Relations

October 25, 2009  |   Posted by :   |   AgileBoston,Authority,Group Relations,Scrum,Scrum Authority,Scrum Roles   |   0 Comment»

This is a note explaining the connections by and between Scrum, BART and Group Relations. Scrum's contains clear BART (boundary, authority, role and task) definitions. BART analysis comes from the Group Relations community of practice. Group Relations is concerned with psychology of some depth, at the level of "group". I believe if enough agile/Scrum community leaders and members get to know ...

Group Relations Theory and Practice

October 24, 2009  |   Posted by :   |   Agile,AgileBoston,Group Relations,Scrum   |   0 Comment»

This is a note regarding my strong interest in focusing the attention of the Agile/Scrum community towards Group Relations theory, practice and conferences. I believe if enough agile/Scrum leaders simply do some preparation and actually attend a Group Relations conference, we can advance the agile/Scrum work. This is achieveable by raising awareness of how we act and react in often completely ...

Boundary. Authority. Role. Task.

April 27, 2009  |   Posted by :   |   Agile   |   0 Comment»

Scrum defines these items in clear terms. Each Role is clearly defined. Boundaries are clearly defined. Tasks are clearly defined. The Authority granted each Role and Task is clear. Fuzzy definitions for “BART” properties leads to all sorts of waste. It is no accident Scrum is clear on these items. In the military, when BART definitions are unclear, people can and do DIE. In business, when BART ...

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