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Align Teams on Core Values ASAP

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The individuals on most teams usually have only one thing in common: they work for the same employer. When you work with teams, they often need something more, some thing, to help them genuinely cohere. "Core values" is that thing. An explicit and short list of core-values that are explicitly agreed-upon can and will accelerate team-learning, by creating an environment that actually encourages it ...

Stop It

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I'm fed up with the "Agile industry" and the "Agile community." It has everything to do with what passes for Agile coaching today. There's a whole bunch of people making a whole bunch of money by valuing transactions OVER transformations. OK? Stop it. It's not only harmful, it is freaking embarrassing to the profession of coaching. So just STOP IT.     Loud and Prominent ...

Every KPI You Are Measuring Depends on Engaged Human Beings Who Actually Give a Damn

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Text Agile Coaching Lessons: [<–Previous Lesson]    [Next Lesson–>] [Table of Contents] If you find value in these essays and find yourself curiously drawn to them, consider investigating OpenSpace Agility, and/or  following me on Twitter and/or joining the OpenSpace Agility group on Facebook

Step #1: Leaders Go First

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In a real adoption of Agile, formally authorized leaders go first. They do the very thing that they ask their direct-reports to do. They do their work in an Agile way. They craft a backlog. They have a short daily meeting. They do a formal demo. They use a Kanban to display work in progress. If they do not do these ...

Agile Trance Formation

November 13, 2015  |   Posted by :   |   Agile,Agile Coaching Lessons   |   Comments Off on Agile Trance Formation»

Most Agile adoptions are "roll outs" or "push" of Agile, usually by higher-ups with plenty of formal authority. The C-level folks. In an entirely well-meaning manner, execs are often encouraged by "Agile transformation firms" to push a specific framework on the organization. This has the effect of creating an enterprise-wide "trance formation." At every level, people in the org wonder what ...


August 20, 2015  |   Posted by :   |   Agile,The Culture Game   |   Comments Off on THE CULTURE GAME Chapter 8»

(Note: This is sample text from CHAPTER 8 of THE CULTURE GAME BOOK, available on Amazon here) CHAPTER EIGHT: FACILITATE YOUR MEETINGS Facilitated meetings tend to be focused, organized, and well defined. When you clearly describe who qualifies to attend, what the goal is, what the boundaries are, and how you will manage the meeting, you create an invitation to explore ...

On Invitation

August 11, 2015  |   Posted by :   |   Agile,Culture Design,Greatness in Organizations,Happiness,Open Space   |   Comments Off on On Invitation»

The act of invitation is fundamentally respectful. Respect for people is a core, bedrock value of Lean and Agile thinking. Invitation is therefore fully aligned with Agile and Lean. We feel good when we feel a sense of control, and a sense of belonging. Control and belonging make it easy to get (and stay) engaged. Engagement is good. When we are invited, we are in control ...

The Virtue of Coercion

July 27, 2015  |   Posted by :   |   Agile,Agile Coaching Values,Culture Design,Open Agile Adoption,Open Space   |   Comments Off on The Virtue of Coercion»

The following is a session submitted to the Agile2015 by one Timothy Turnstone. The session was not selected. Even so: I find the session more than intriguing. I have submitted the following "Lightning Talk" about this idea of coercion. It has been accepted to the conference and I hope you can attend! I promise you a most interesting experience as we unpack ...

When They Say No, Reduce The Ask by Half

March 26, 2015  |   Posted by :   |   Agile,Agile Coaching Lessons   |   Comments Off on When They Say No, Reduce The Ask by Half»

AGILE COACHING LESSONS In an earlier lesson (1 or 2 back from this one) I told how to keep reducing the ask by 1/2 until they say yes.  I was indirect there. So, let me me explicit here.. In general, teaching in a formal classroom is overrated. You are set up as the authority, and doing most of the talking. Most good ...

I Want To Write the Story

March 19, 2015  |   Posted by :   |   Agile,Agile Coaching Lessons   |   Comments Off on I Want To Write the Story»

AGILE COACHING LESSONS If you impose a framework- ANY framework-- on a team, you can expect weak results and disengagement. No one wants to play a game that they MUST play. A game where the beginning, middle and end of the story is written, by...someone else. If, on the other hand, you explain that the story is yet-to-be-written, and invite everyone to ...

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