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Generosity, Thrivability and Self-Organization

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Harrison Owen is the formulator/composer of the Open Space meeting format.   Harrison is fond of saying these two things: All systems are open All systems are self-organizing In this essay, I am assuming you have a good grip on what 'open' and 'self-organizing' mean. With that established, let's move right into a discussion of generosity and its role is self-organizing systems. Self-organizing systems are composed of ...

Open Agile adoption

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The Law of Two Feet

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You might be hearing a lot about "The Law Of Two Feet." The idea comes from Open Space, a meeting format composed by Harrison Owen and friends. The Law is very simple: "If at any time during our time together you find yourself in any situation where you are neither learning nor contributing, use your two feet, go someplace else." The Law of ...

Agile Adoptions, Open Space and control

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There is a fellow named Ed Seykota. He innovates. He has 2 pairs of models: a pair for 1-to-1 relationships, and a pair for group & system level relationships. His models confirm and align with the philosophies and assumptions which form the foundation of Open Space:         ·       All systems are open ·       All systems are self-organizing   The Models (1) intimacy-centric and control-centric models for ...

Authorization in Self-Organizing Systems

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I'm zooming in on authorization, because I notice that when coaching Agile adoptions, there is always this sticky "authority aspect" in just about any problems that need addressing. Authority always seems to be the central concern. Like Harrison Owen [1],  I believe that all systems are open and all systems are fundamentally self-organizing. I also currently hold the following additional beliefs: Self-organization in ...

Push vs Pull in Agile Adoptions

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Agile folks who claim advanced knowledge and know-how extol the virtue of "pull systems" like Kanban. The idea here is that pushing a load of work on teams is bad. Far better for teams to pull the next chunk of work, or work item. Scrum asks teams to "pull" in a group of work items that they think they can ...

Executives Can’t Make Agile Work

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In the olden days, executives in suits never heard of "agile" or "Scrum". It was new back then. The "agile" and the "Scrum" were brought in by developers. In a very grassroots kind of way. Teams wanted to improve, so they tried it on for size. Agile. Scrum. They were "in", they were engaged, they were experimenting. These developers opted-in to ...

A Very Poor Bet: The Mandate of Agile Practices

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Fact #1: Almost 100% of Agile adoptions are implemented as mandates. Ask almost anyone who has been party to a "rollout" of Agile in their organization. Ask them if it was presented as a mandate or not. If you doubt this 100% figure, ask around. Read this post: Imposing Agile Practices: Does It Actually Work? The imposition of Agile practices is the ...

Imposing Agile Practices: Does It Actually Work?

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The Open Agile Adoption approach has created some questions. Some of these questions, collected from around the web, appear below. Some of the questions are very specific and personal. I've included them here, to post a complete list. These particular questions are harvested from recent interactions with professional Agile coaches who are active on Twitter.   Related Links: Open Agile Adoption Explained

Social Technology Wants To Be Free

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Social technology wants to be free. Quick, answer this question: what kind of world are we building? An open, flexible, free-to-innovate world, OR...a closed, rigid world where just a few people can slow down or even STOP innovation... cold...with restrictive licensing? Listen up... Triads as described by Dave Logan in the book TRIBAL LEADERSHIP is a micro-culture design. Scrum as described by ...

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