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CULTUREcon for 2013 was designed and constructed as a two-city conference event focused on team and org-culture design, architecture and hacking. It was held in the two American cities most associated with freedom and liberty: Philadelphia and Boston. AgilePhilly arranged the event in Philadelphia; AgileBoston arranged the festivities in Boston. The two event were separated by 1 day, hundreds of miles, and a big huge party bus that shuttled speakers, sponsors and organizers from Philly to Boston.

It was quite an event! Harrison Owen (father of Open Space) keynoted in Philly and Dave Logan (co-author of TRIBAL LEADERSHIP) keynoted in Boston!




Here are pictures, links, books and others resources related to:

  • CULTUREcon events: Conference events organized with intent to raise awareness of Culture Gaming, Design and Hacking.
  • Culture Gaming: Playing with new and existing culture as a game; realizing culture is a game and focusing on the tuning of game mechanics to directly influence and modify cultural codes
  • Culture Design: Intentional culture architecture tools and techniques
  • Culture Hacking: Using Techniques and Tools to modify existing culture



VidInterview: JIM and MICHELE McCARTHY interview with DAN MEZICK

VidInterview: ERIC RAYMOND on The Hacker Culture and Agile

Video Session: MICHAEL MARGOLIS on The Power of Organizational StoryTelling

Video Session: DANIEL MEZICK on Gaming Happiness at Work

VidInterview: JIM and MICHELE McCARTHY interview with FLOYD MARINESCU

Video Session: ERIC RAYMOND on Culture Hacking the Open Source Movement

VidInterview: TRACI FENTON of WORLDBLU on Freedom at Work

VidInterview: STANLEY POLLACK on “Moving Beyond Ice Breakers”

Video Session: HARRISON OWEN on Self-Organizing Systems

Video Session: DAVE LOGAN on Agile Tribes

VidInterview: DAVE LOGAN on Tribal Leadership

Video Session: JIM MCCARTHY on The Call for Great Software


Resource: Pictures from Philly, CULTUREBus and Boston events in 2013

Thing2-2012-09-13-11.34.47These pictures are from the 2012 CULTUREcon in Philly & Boston.

Included are many pictures from the bus trip with speakers and organizers, from Philly to Boston.

Photo credits: Daniel Mezick.

These were taken with an iPhone4 and it shows!


That said: there are many fine pictures in here, maybe even some of YOU.



This list includes pix of:



Resource: The Definitive List of CultureHacking Books

Thing4-Screen-Shot-2012-09-20-at-5.52.50-AM-150x150This resource is the definitive list of books for those interested in culture hacking and general organizational design and cultivation. Some of the books like THE CULTURE GAME and MANAGEMENT 3.0 are books crossing over from agile software development into general business. They have a business audience and draw deeply from agile. Other book in the list span facilitation, games and gamification (like REALITY IS BROKEN), business narratives (like BEYOND EMPOWERMENT), and a wide array of business titles.




Resource: The List of Culture Gaming Lingo

This reThing5-thematrixsource is the definitive catalog of terms used in culture work in organizations. It has almost 100 terms and words related to culture gamingculture design, and culture hacking in organizations. It contains phrases, acronyms, slang and word definitions in common use by the culture hacking community. Each term contains a definition and optionally a see-also list and related links.




Resource: The Culture Conversation

Thing6-WritingA Chronology of the earliest known writing about culture work by and about the culture tribe that emerged after CULTUREcon2012. You’ll find blog posts and other writing here from Eric Raymond, Andre Dhondt, Venessa Miemis, Daniel Mezick, Sharon Villines (co-author of WE THE PEOPLE), and more….the writing is arranged in chronological order, as it appeared. As such, this is a historical record of the writing that appeared. If you know of more please contact us. Enjoy…




Other pics…

Resource: MORE Pictures from the CULTUREcon Philly & CULTUREBus events in 2013